Thursday, February 7, 2019

Between Noumenon and Phenomenon

In addition to recording our corporeal experiences, the human memory also records incorporeal experiences from imagination and dreams which are not dependent on chronology. Interestingly, for corporeal experiences to become memories is to convert them into incorporeal experiences, sortable from imagination and dreams only by their origin. As memories, our corporeal experiences become potential sources for new experiences through imagination and dreams.

When I remember the apartment complex in New Jersey where I lived for five years as a child, I remember it through the prism of the many dreams I have had of the place since then. I can remember the mundane details in the original context, but now those memories are set in a symbolic context packed with meaning. When I visited twenty years ago, the profusion of memories--corporeal and incorporeal--made it feel like I was visiting one of my life's primary metaphysical sets.

I value my dreams because they are the authentic, often memorable expressions of the broadest perspective available to my being. I take the mind seriously and it seems to reciprocate.

Years ago, I can't tell you when but the memory is at least twenty years old, I saw in a dream that the being who is me travels through space and time with a group of planets in a cosmic caravan. Another time, more than thirty years ago, I met a female spirit who spent an entire night in my dream, telling me the story of the being who is me and answering my questions. I don't remember many details, but the story moves with Gypsies and Jews mostly northward and westward through the world over thousands of years with the seat of power.

From a shockingly one-sided battle in Canaan between refined and archaic, to being imprisoned by thieves for a lifetime in a cave in Jerusalem, to living among the precipices of Petra, to being chased by Mongol horsemen in an Austrian forest, to decorating a small Christian chapel on a mountainside in Portugal, to a massacre in France and a river choked with corpses, to life in a comfortingly familiar London before sewage, to Colonial America where I was told specifically that it was not time yet, the many period dreams I have had color the way I experience history. For me, it feels personal and sometimes oppressively Sisyphean.

It appears that I am, metaphorically speaking, the severed hand of a being who is too big for this world, in the same way that Loki is the severed hand of Týr. This hand demonstrates that the distance over which the boulder can be pushed is proportional to the quality of available information. The insufficiency of quality information is what encumbered and destroyed Marvel Whiteside Parsons. I learned about him through a dream that included L. Ron Hubbard, who was sent by the Office of Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the Thelema lodge he administered for Aleister Crowley.

Jack Parsons was an extraordinary person, but he ended up being the victim of organized fraud. He was the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his ideas were the inspiration for Scientology. He supported the aristocratic Crowley for years, and he put up the money for the three yachts that ended up forming the basis of the Scientology Navy. I don't know the precise nature of my connection with Jack, but it is close.

Funny enough, President Trump is probably the severed hand of Hermes/Mercury. If he were more than a hand, he wouldn't be a corrupt jerk. He does seem to be aware of his provenance, though. His father surely gave him his inheritance. He combs his hair to resemble a brimmed hat with wings. He is the quick one with the hat and a tan, and nearly impervious to heat. I dislike having him pitted against me. Apparently, my alter ego is quite fond of his.

Some of my dreams are set in the future. Many times I don't remember them until the moment they represent, like déjà vu with an actual memory. The ones with catastrophes are instantly memorable. It is the details of these dreams that compel me to question the finality of time. "Time travel" is most likely impossible from our scale and configuration, but from a scale and configuration which includes space-time manifolds in their entirety, it would be theoretically possible to enter them at any locus. For a sculptor with such a perspective and a motivation to revise, time would be no object. I have seen the end of this world several times.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Prometheus Unbound

From the point of view of humankind's oppressors, I may appear to be a dysfunctional collection of failures, but I am actually perfectly suited to this world. I am broken in all the right ways, it seems, to apprehend this pathological reality.

From the point of view of actual civilization, deception is the cardinal unsustainable violation. It is neither intelligent nor heroic to keep humankind bewildered in existential ignorance.

President Mercury and the disinformation Furies are engaged in an ongoing preemptive assault against humankind to neutralize the Promethean threat to their privilege's traditional advantage. Although the professional prevaricators may eventually decide to earnestly turn against their savior in order to save themselves, their "resistance" is an opportunistic distraction for now. From one side of their fabricated political spectrum to the other, they continue to offer deception tailored for each "identity."

Institutionalized captive spectatorship is the inevitable result when all of a civilization's structural components are privately owned or controlled. We, the people, get to vote for the "stars" and plot twists in this intrinsically humiliating production they call reality. Politics by Colosseum is not a recent invention, although now it is digitally corruptible and worldwide. More than two thousand years after the demise of the Roman Republic, we continue to be ruled by polarizing spectacle--this versus that, one after another.

If not for the fact that humankind has been clandestinely trained throughout its history to act against its sapient nature, it would indeed be the failing species condemned by its rapacious overlords. For the first time in our history, the available information verifies our sapient nature and exposes the systematic corruption of it. This is the moment we have been waiting for, when it becomes possible to liberate ourselves from the machinations of the shepherds of strife, and build an actual civilization.

The sapient way forward is necessarily nonviolent and existentially aware. Naturally, beware of people and organizations that promote enmity, exclusivity, controversy, crisis, and conflict. We are not helpless, even against the continual full-spectrum disinformation assault, because in addition to our attention, they need our consent. Although our attention has been monopolized, our consent has not. The abusers of humankind will fail when they lose the ability to fool the people into wasting their time, resources, and faith.

Prometheus represents the fulfillment of humankind's fabled principles--our promise. He demonstrates the integral strength of the individual who is dedicated to what Percy Shelley called "beautiful idealisms of moral excellence." And he reveals how the cosmic construct conspires with our unique nature to enhance existence. The profusion of light in the universe is an indication of the project's success. Ultimately, only our relationships with each other matter; nothing else is worth the trouble of being.