Sunday, February 24, 2019


God believes in humankind.

Developmental providence, as differentiated from foundational providence, is an active helping hand offering the means to a meaningful and effective coordinated effort. The significant factors specific to our existence can be improved upon only from where humankind is positioned. From our perspective, belief in God is not necessary, but belief in humankind's existential potential is. Contrary to the assumptions of possessive religions, existence actually is all about us.

The mindset that hijacks providence uses it as a manual for how to act and what to say to deceive and exploit humankind. Anything short of the voluntary end of that disgrace is merely more of the biblical theater that captivates and degrades human existence.

The Bible is proprietary tribal hokum containing the requisite trace of truth. It could have been written in good faith, in a manner appropriate for accurately documenting the history of the tribe and its relationship with God. But it is not a good faith relationship. So instead, we have a grotesque, ungodly as well as inhuman fairy tale with its intent deliberately obscured. Almost all of the existential weight it has is from time and repetition. Christianity was a significant improvement, but it was thoroughly Judaized, beginning with Saul the Pharisee. It took a savant of religion with hereditary tribal privilege to rein in Christianity and put it under the clandestine control of the Sanhedrin.

The systemic violation of good faith is the fatal flaw of so-called Judeo-Christian civilization, and precisely what is wrong with this world. As clever as it may seem to its beneficiaries, an aggregate of betrayals that enshrines privilege and oppression is not a civilization.

Cheating in the "great game," as the world is deceptively portrayed, is only a symptom of the disease, though. The pathogen is the inherently hateful and malicious mindset that regards itself as being superior to humankind, as well as to God. In addition to the customary cheating, it is responsible for all of the heinous acts it causes and commemorates to vex humanity and protect its own imagined existential status. The evidence it uses to prove its superiority is only the meager and incalculably costly profit of stolen providence.

It is crucial to understand that the mindset in question would have corrupted one host or another. Historically, it has never encountered a shortage of willing accomplices. The temptations that accompany knowledge can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provenance and promise of sapient existence are beyond selfish temptations. By all indications, now is the time to rise to the challenge of our difficult nature.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Civilization in Numbers

From precedence, the individual is enabled by knowledge to practice wisdom, which requires benevolence and builds strength of character, in order to create beauty that attracts success and abundance toward the foundation of civilization.

Two-digit combinations are primarily additive. For example, 10 is individual of precedence, the building block of civilization. Repeated numbers, like 33, wisdom!, reinforce the significance like an exclamation point. The combination 69, the beauty of foundation, is also a symbol of romantic love; its reverse, 96, the foundation of beauty, is also a symbol of platonic love.

Three-digit combinations with repeated numbers are illustrations of basic principles. For example, the combination 747 is read as the epitome of the success of benevolence; its reverse, 474, is the epitome of the benevolence of success. The combination 444, my house number, is read as the epitome of benevolence. Combinations with repeated pairs, like 885, are read as epitomes of one thing favored over another. The combination 885 is the epitome of abundance favored over strength; 588 is read the same way. The combination 558 is the epitome of strength favored over abundance. The combination 666 is read as the epitome of beauty. Unlike ideas, there are no inherently bad numbers.

There are several ways to read combinations which are more complex. For example, 1212 can be read as two twelves, or as twelve twelves, or as 21 inside 12. Sequential combinations, like 2345, can be read as the logical progression between specific numbers. Of course, combinations can also have meanings unrelated to this number system. A combination may signify practically anything, such as an important date, a person, or a place. If you have special numbers, you already understand how this works.

The purpose of numerology is to add a simple, reliable and uplifting dynamic element to the internal conversation, not to decipher the world, guide one's life, or tell fortunes. Anything more elaborate than what I have briefly outlined is unnecessary. It can be used deliberately in a symbolic manner, as I do sometimes, but it can't be forced in the internal conversation. Number combinations appear spontaneously through a practically unlimited variety of sources, including clocks, license plates, phone numbers, receipts, and addresses. The significance is in the context. A number can be an acknowledgement or a recommendation. Most of the random number combinations one encounters are contextually meaningless. The most meaningful coincidences are surprises.

The language of random numbers is the only thing of value that I found in the spiritually misleading writing of Aleister Crowley. The words that he used to define the digits were derived from the original medieval Jewish source, and some of them needed to be updated for clarity and relevance. Numerology has been an actively evolving element in my internal conversation since I was 17 years old. My special numbers are the numbers of my birthdate: 9, 19, and 64.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Between Noumenon and Phenomenon

In addition to recording our corporeal experiences, the human memory also records incorporeal experiences from imagination and dreams which are not dependent on chronology. Interestingly, for corporeal experiences to become memories is to convert them into incorporeal experiences, sortable from imagination and dreams only by their origin. As memories, our corporeal experiences become potential sources for new experiences through imagination and dreams.

When I remember the apartment complex in New Jersey where I lived for five years as a child, I remember it through the prism of the many dreams I have had of the place since then. I can remember the mundane details in the original context, but now those memories are set in a symbolic context packed with meaning. When I visited twenty years ago, the profusion of memories--corporeal and incorporeal--made it feel like I was visiting one of my life's primary metaphysical sets.

I value my dreams because they are the authentic, often memorable expressions of the broadest perspective available to my being. I take the mind seriously and it seems to reciprocate.

Years ago, I can't tell you when but the memory is at least twenty years old, I saw in a dream that the being who is me travels through space and time with a group of planets in a cosmic caravan. Another time, more than thirty years ago, I met a female spirit who spent an entire night in my dream, telling me the story of the being who is me and answering my questions. I don't remember many details, but the story moves with Gypsies and Jews mostly northward and westward through the world over thousands of years with the seat of power.

From a shockingly one-sided battle in Canaan between refined and archaic, to being imprisoned by thieves for a lifetime in a cave in Jerusalem, to living among the precipices of Petra, to being chased by Mongol horsemen in an Austrian forest, to decorating a small Christian chapel on a mountainside in Portugal, to a massacre in France and a river choked with corpses, to life in a comfortingly familiar London before sewage, to Colonial America where I was told specifically that it was not time yet, the many period dreams I have had color the way I experience history. For me, it feels personal and sometimes oppressively Sisyphean.

It appears that I am, metaphorically speaking, the severed hand of a being who is too big for this world, in the same way that Loki is the severed hand of Týr. This hand demonstrates that the distance over which the boulder can be pushed is proportional to the quality of available information. The insufficiency of quality information is what encumbered and destroyed Marvel Whiteside Parsons. I learned about him through a dream that included L. Ron Hubbard, who was sent by the Office of Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the Thelema lodge he administered for Aleister Crowley.

Jack Parsons was an extraordinary person, but he ended up being the victim of organized fraud. He was the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his ideas were the inspiration for Scientology. He supported the aristocratic Crowley for years, and he put up the money for the three yachts that ended up forming the basis of the Scientology Navy. I don't know the precise nature of my connection with Jack, but it is close.

Funny enough, President Trump is probably the severed hand of Hermes/Mercury. If he were more than a hand, he wouldn't be a corrupt jerk. He does seem to be aware of his provenance, though. His father surely gave him his inheritance. He combs his hair to resemble a brimmed hat with wings. He is the quick one with the hat and a tan, and nearly impervious to heat. I dislike having him pitted against me. Apparently, my alter ego is quite fond of his.

Some of my dreams are set in the future. Many times I don't remember them until the moment they represent, like déjà vu with an actual memory. The ones with catastrophes are instantly memorable. It is the details of these dreams that compel me to question the finality of time. "Time travel" is most likely impossible from our scale and configuration, but from a scale and configuration which includes space-time manifolds in their entirety, it would be theoretically possible to enter them at any locus. For a sculptor with such a perspective and a motivation to revise, time would be no object. I have seen the end of this world several times.