Monday, September 17, 2018

The Missing Pieces

The so-called God of this world is essentially an information advantage played against humankind for all it is worth. The actual author and benefactor of this world is essentially a human being.

This universe was created to raise equals for the original being. It is not for nothing that sapience can be so unimaginably difficult. Our individual existential struggles are not in vain. By the timeless, we are each known by spirit as beloveds.

A garden of time is what it takes to grow timeless beings from seed. The goal of existence is not to live forever, but to transcend time entirely. Remember that time is temporary.

In the original universe, the original being existed essentially alone without peers. We are all here now.

The original universe was the perfect universe that people muse about and long for, but it was not perfect enough to make actual beings. Here, for all intents and purposes, every being is actual and essentially equal.