Sunday, March 31, 2019

Unnatural Selection

Within this totalitarian substitutionary construct, the only reasonable thing that one can believe in is that there is nothing reasonable here for one to believe in. Nothing here is what it purports to be. We are tricked into believing that humankind is developing freely in a natural stream, when in fact, for several thousands of years, we have existed here as livestock in the proverbial barrel. If not for the concessions that our natural qualities have demanded, we would also still be naked and nameless.

For humankind's keepers, the only problem that truly matters is our intelligence. Like their infamous amateur acolyte, Jeffrey Dahmer, they are interested in disabling the "inner life" in order to render a permanent, submissive, unresistant state in people. They are committed to keeping humankind in its place, in their psychopathic construct, as an irredeemably toxic and cosmically insignificant species in need of perpetual existential discipline. That is the pretext for their exploitative relationship with humankind.

It is unacceptable to be forced to live this way, under the clandestine control of agents who consider people to be theirs to dominate. Because of what, I believe, my spirit is, my experiential box seems to be reinforced to a degree that has caused me to question all of my relationships. I am not certain anymore that my life is the result of random circumstances. I have lived alone for the past 6 years, only going out to get necessities and occasionally to visit my family. I am not depressed anymore, but I do feel trapped here.

It has not escaped my notice that I could be diagnosed with various psychological dysfunctions, but, in good faith, after what I have experienced, I am not willing to concede that the dysfunction is mine. Gaslight works precisely to contain or sacrifice the individual. There is no functional support beyond the lies. Fortunately, at least for me, it appears that my spirit can fly. If this world were not built on fraud and deception, psychological dysfunction, as endemic "collateral damage," would not exist.

Recently, I learned to appreciate the humor of how they try to use my "shadow banned" observations to their advantage from the miserable context of their exhausted construct. It has become a guilty pleasure to watch them try to influence people to protest as characters from their Hollywood franchises, join their "woke" movements, and follow their manufactured "resistance" icons. If not for the fact that it is a vignette of an ongoing existential crime, I could grow fond of this impotent clown show.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Paschal Fraud

To believe that one's bad behavior can be atoned for by another agent is to be misled spiritually in the most fundamental of ways. The substitutionary construct expects people to support themselves materially but surrender on faith the responsibility for supporting themselves spiritually. In regard to the needs of their own spirits, people are instructed to believe that someone else has paid for them. To believe that one's spiritual enlightenment can be achieved by the death, no less, of someone else, is as preposterous as believing that one can become an expert in math by killing a mathematician. That is why, after nearly two thousand years of practically uncontested ideological reinforcement, despite the alleged divine transaction, we still have a primitive civilization that is materially intoxicated and spiritually impoverished.

The goal of the sapient spirit is to understand itself as well as its context, not to rescue itself by faith from the shortcomings of a condemned meat puppet. The spirit is naturally capable of transcending causality; the enlightenment to make that possible is what every spirit hungers for. One can be granted a truthful ideological foundation, teachers, and even an honest environment to practice in, but one can not achieve enlightenment vicariously. Like every actual skill, it requires practical experience. When a person's spirit is starving, they can be counted on to do anything to alleviate the pain for which the source has been rendered culturally to be essentially unrecognizable.

Christianity truly is a cynically malicious mindfuck, designed, like its parent company, to rob humankind of its agency. Monotheism Inc. is foundationally opposed to human agency, as recorded clearly in the first chapter of its corporate mythology. Despite its numerous defamatory claims of divine responsibility and its hollow displays of faith, now it is equally clear that Monotheism Inc. is also foundationally opposed to divine agency. Its idea of a covenant is a permanent prison. The god company believes, as recorded clearly in its counterfeit doctrine, that this planet is its hereditary private property. Now it is apparent that God and humankind are welcome only to fulfill the needs and desires of the so-called elect and their human pets.

Historically, the oppressors of humankind have demonstrated that they will cause anything in order to maintain their primacy, including famine, plague, war, and the effortless annihilation of entire populations. For now, due to widespread skepticism, they are reduced to broadcasting an increasingly implausible false reality in order to obscure their increasingly fruitless maneuvers, and of course to continue to recruit for their chief executive shedim. They are playing existential keep away with the pillars of human civilization. From left to right, humankind does not have a friend among them. Everything they offer, on principle, is manipulation. Knowing that makes it necessary to choose instead to explore the dimensions of one's personal time.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Immortal Cult of the Scapegoat

All of the sensational bloodletting is choreographed by people who are clandestinely organized to intimidate and discourage God as well as punish and eliminate resistance to their dominance. The most recent mass sacrifice, in Christchurch, of all places, was dripping with malicious symbolism, even more than their usual intellectually and spiritually stunted machinations.

Human history is a record of this ongoing hostage situation. Humankind's oppressors have gotten away with it for so long because they do precisely the things that are inconceivable to most people, not because people are stupid but because we are fundamentally benevolent. We do not instinctively set out to dominate each other, even in competition. We are lied to profusely in order to persuade us to dominate each other for otherwise honorable reasons.

The sources of information we rely on to help us guide our civilized lives are as corrupt as the institutions and organizations that administer our civilization. The entity that continually feeds scapegoats to an audience "eager to learn every detail" is the same entity that sacrifices them on the altar of assured privilege. Although it seems like a contemporary perversion, the only thing that is new about our situation, in combination with the new worldwide electronic medium, is the generous existential perspective that is available again to earnestly help to enlighten humankind. This is our history's pivotal naked empire moment, and the end of the brutal road we have been following blindly for millennia.

Christianity is the cult of the immortal scapegoat--a wholly-owned subsidiary of the immortal cult of the scapegoat. Christians are waiting to feast on the scapegoat of scapegoats, once again, because in a death cult, a live scapegoat is a meaningless scapegoat. Through the death of the paschal scapegoat, they are promised the same reward as their spiritually corrupt ideological forefathers: forgiveness of their sins, and eternal life at the expense of their enemies. To die for the sins of others is precisely the job description of a scapegoat. Something truly righteous and marvelous happened two thousand years ago, but the immortal cult of the scapegoat eventually obscured and repurposed it, birthing a substitutionary perversion epitomized by the obscene concept of a divine baby scapegoat born in a feeding trough.

Providentially, something truly righteous and marvelous is happening again. For the scapegoat cults, the return of humankind's generous existential perspective is the literal and unacknowledgable apocalypse. That is why their fear mongering and scapegoating has reached a fever pitch. Reportedly, they give themselves twelve years to re-ligate and corral humankind again. Don't be afraid; let them enjoy the privilege of their rightful existential anxiety by themselves, the way they like it. They are the ones who hate the world and wish for people to eat porridge and dress in sackcloth. Isn't that obvious enough by now? They preserve the utile, reward the feal, and degrade everything else. Be mindful of that when you consider the inescapably profuse products of their existentially corrupt perspective.

The interface between humankind and its traditional abusers is formalized duplicity. On this end, this substitutionary "civilization" is a human-sacrifice-powered theatrical production. The ministers of burnt offerings have always known exactly what humankind needs; when we refuse to allow them to continue to flatter and deceive us, they will finally fail. When that happens, they will acknowledge us sincerely without equivocation.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Biblical Construct

Where Israel and its alleged dominion overlap is the variable structure of control that includes religion, government, finance, industry, education, punition, and entertainment. It bills itself as civilization, although in practice it is barely a semblance of what it means to be civil. While the relationship between Israel and the rest of humankind is certainly profitable for the privileged, it is hideously costly for everyone else.

In a primitive world, it is probable that the relationship between knowledge and ignorance leads inevitably to exclusivity and privilege. From the temporally limited perspective of existential competition, exclusionary segregation appears to be unquestionably advantageous. But we are sapient beings with unlimited existential potential, not animals limited to instinctual behavior. To regard humankind otherwise is to deny our miraculous and conspicuous cosmic gift. Is it the intent of God to ensure that most of us fail to rise above our animal instincts?

The only way for this disgraceful construct to be redeemable requires for it to be voluntarily superseded as a temporary structure. There does appear to be an "arc of the moral universe," but it is frail and long because every step has cost a prolonged and bloody battle. And now that Israel has been established as a citadel state, it is clear that its supremacism is not intended as a temporary structure. It is a searchlight unto the captive nations.

The actual power of the Biblical construct is not in the quality of its story nor in the craftiness of its machinations. Its actual power comes from the fastidiously obscured ability to reincarnate human beings. That is why the Bible is impenetrable to conventional logic. I have mentioned before that each one of us contains a seed that can be replanted; the Bible incorrectly understands it as the soul. To have one's seed preserved and replanted is what it means to be "saved" and "born again." Jacob's Ladder is the procedural framework between death and rebirth. Calvin was correct that it's for only the "elect."

Imagine the level of dominance achievable by frequent flyers with long memories. Then consider the seemingly invincible disparities of this world. The claim of godhood is not always the preposterous lie it appears to be; sometimes it is a common existential  misunderstanding. It is necessary to note that the "people of the book" do not yet have a monopoly on reincarnation. The threat of nuclear weapons is particularly frightening for the world's existentially privileged people.

How immortal can one be if one's continued existence relies on the patronage of mortal beings, and if one can be erased by an atom bomb? The Biblical construct understandably misconceives the nature of existence as a phenomenon limited to space and time. The immortal soul manifests temporospatially as an electromagnetic singularity; it survives the universe as well as the body. That, I believe, is being demonstrated through me, especially for the select few who appear to know me better than I know myself.

Reincarnation and the soul are not mutually exclusive. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with reincarnation; but the clandestine manner in which it is practiced here is not only unjust, it ruins human existence by robbing it of its natural agency. The obsession to make humankind permanently subservient degrades and retards its development, and promises to ultimately expend it. To understand how humankind is actually regarded by the Biblical construct, consider how impoverished people are treated in countries ruled by capos, where anything can be done with impunity.

To understand how the Biblical construct actually regards God, consider the story and history of Israel, the "contender," that keeps God subdued like a private genie in order to power its own existential privilege. Regardless of this disgraceful state of affairs, God remains faithful to humankind. God does not hate the world, nor does he wish for people to eat porridge and dress in sackcloth. Although it may appear to be sophisticated from the perspective of existential ignorance, the Biblical construct is a work of spiritual adolescence. If not for how punitively destructive it actually is, humankind would have already outgrown it.