Saturday, January 20, 2018


Fundamentally unconcerned with immorality, the people of the diabolical book cut her head off and wield it against humankind. That is how they "contend with God." They depict her as a monster to match the reality they make.

Thanks to collective memory, honesty and intelligence, for the first time in our world's ruthlessly stunted history, the master racists are unable to summon the enmity necessary to enforce their monopoly on the manufacture of reality. Now it is clear that the corrupt "realpolitik" machinations of a "Chosen" few are incompatible with the actuality of humankind.

Life on this planet may appear to be a "great game" to those with multiple lives, but for everyone else, it is rendered an involuntary and incomprehensible sacrifice. Life is neither a game nor without consequences; human beings are not livestock, to be herded and administered through punishment and reward. The satanic shepherds are running a blood tab that is infinitely beyond their means to ever settle.

Capitalism is institutionalized economic captivity. In "Western civilization," everything has been gamed, including representative democracy. We the people are represented exclusively by professional voodoo effigies. Anything we identify with can and will be used against us. Beware the treachery of images: do not mistake the deranged performance depicted on your megapixel boob tubes for the actuality of humankind. To complement its stable of lab-grown fascist "influencers," the circus digs up and fetishizes every foul-minded troglodyte it can find.

The privately owned for-profit Twitter, Inc., the Web's premier information abuse platform, is not, nor will it ever be a town hall or "the new public square." Beware of "movements" with supportive media coverage, product tie-ins, and headlining stars. They want more than anything to lead the resistance against themselves, and they specialize in "nailing authenticity" in exchange for private concessions. How about Oprah for president? They have a box of crayons for decorating their hideous reality and that is what humankind is offered. Yes, the "Gordian knot" is that ridiculous.

Regarding the imaginary "AI" threat they menace humankind with, keep in mind that without us, life on this planet would not be mistaken for a great game. Of what value is a robot, compared to the universe in an iota? Let them spend eternity--loaded up with their mindfuck symbols--with the love and adulation of algorithms. (Cue applause.) Perhaps they would also enjoy a one-way trip to Mars on Elon Musk's taxpayer subsidized rockets.

Consumed by the self-invested imperative to prevail at all costs, the totalitarian nasi'im and their nepotic networks have become irrational, unreliable and irrelevant, making it easier to deny them the attention and action that is their actual power. They act we actualize no more. We do not have extra lives and time to waste like they do.

They can be recognized not only by their toxic fruit and their "hasbara," but also by what they deny the existence of. As the world corrects itself, the more inverted and anachronous they appear. Beware of people who would have you believe that nothing can be done about this profoundly damaged world because that is the way it has always been.

There is nothing wrong with humankind that a little honest information can not remedy. If we were not naturally benevolent they would not have to condition us from childhood with violence myths and maintain us with lies. Their "superheroes" are like them: violent and disguised, embodying the qualities of wild animals--appropriate perhaps for the offspring of Sicarii Zealots.

Now is the time for us to rise above this infernal Israeli world, lest we continue to be "boiled in excrement for eternity." There is no compromising with this. Our self-appointed keepers believe that they are divinely sanctioned to kill, deceive, and break their promises to us without scruples. Six thousand years of history bears out the results of their blasphemy. Now is the time to call their terminally over-leveraged bluff.

Where is your lord now, in paradise plotting another holocaust? Ask not for whom your sinister "Doomsday Clock" tolls; game over.