Thursday, November 15, 2018

Atlas Telemon

The secret to supporting celestial spheres is in learning to weigh and balance probabilities. In actuality, there is nothing that can be intelligently assumed without question. How you think is fundamentally more important than what you know.

Reality is a story of actuality: it offers to the individual the comfort of the lightest possible load but is ultimately unsupportable, even by multitudes. To be anything but precariously balanced abject manipulation, the story must at least be consistently honest, like science is supposed to be.

In actuality, I am probably an ordinary human being with extraordinary circumstances and concerns. Now that I am more or less awake from this nightmare reality, I can appreciate the evidence of my struggle with it that is recorded in my blogs. For earnest reason I almost lost my way.

However I came to these circumstances I can only suppose, but it appears that I am the defender of humankind, (as opposed to the satan, its conspiratorial prosecutor). This existential trial, rather than being a function of "divine" justice, is evidence of a mortal infection.

I believe that each person is an actual extension of a unique, maturing meta being. There is a point of view in each of us that transcends time and place. Learning to see with this extra eye is the process of enlightenment.

In light of the existential intelligence that ordinary people are capable of, the operant reality can be recognized for the vicious information restraint it is. A culture of deception is structurally incapable of providing the reliable foundation that sapient civilization requires. That is why "Western" culture discards its "civilizations" like dirty underwear.

The architects of this disposable reality are motivated by a private information advantage that they exercise over humankind like corrupt gods. The bane of human existence is probably the recipe for reincarnation, ("the way to the tree of life"). Our pernicious keepers wield it as both the ultimate reward and punishment. That is why the conditions of heaven and hell are assiduously maintained here on Earth. The so-called afterlife is here, in actuality, where evil games are possible.

Would you like another life as a ranch hand on the private ranch of history's malevolent author? Now that I can see the existential quicksand we are in, I am offended by the thought of another life in this bullshit reality, supporting the same cast of privileged vampire jackasses. As it is, I am beyond sick of this god damned world.

There is nothing sapient about making life not worth living. The animal desire to possess is ultimately a life extinguisher. In the hands of persons clandestinely postponing permanent death, it becomes an extinction engine. They pit the survival of their private advantage against the survival of their host. That is the actuality this worthless gaslight reality is up against, here in the information apocalypse.

An authentic history of humankind's experience on Earth has yet to be written. An authentic reality has yet to be established here. Instead, we continue to exist in the boiling waste product of institutionalized animal manipulation. From my point of view, it appears that the only way to heal this mortally privated world and begin to achieve its natural potential is to compel its authenticity by example.

Learn to do without leaders. That is the prerequisite of an authentic democracy. Humankind has been conditioned to depend on leaders to do all of the important things. That is the actuality of our political captivity.