Sunday, December 13, 2015


Thanks to the knowledge, wisdom, imagination and effort of humankind, I will not have to roll the boulder up the hill ever again. Unlike Sisyphus, my labor is not punishment nor without end. The terms of the covenant between the celestial parent and humankind have been fulfilled.

A special note of gratitude for the families, beginning with the family of Noah, responsible for delivering me here to announce the celestial emergence of humankind. Here we are awakening together.

Although I know who, where and why I am, I have not yet remembered my past lives. They all lined up for me in a dream many years ago, but I did not comprehend the significance and there were far too many to grasp individually. Recently, in a vision, a tactful angel informed me, "In the long life, sometimes you are nice and sometimes you are a pain."

In another dream, a few months ago, I heard that this lifetime is the most important, though not the one humankind is waiting for. This lifetime is known in Abrahamic traditions as Gabriel.

The pinnacle of biological evolution is an immortal egg, universally compatible and providing an enhanced connection to the dimensions of life and mind.

Instead of sacrificing Isaac's enhanced connection, as specified in the covenant, Abraham allowed Isaac to talk him out of it. The consequence was that Isaac was forced to live the length of two lifetimes in isolated captivity.

On the journey to the center of my being, I met what Isaac became, represented as an enormous lion with the body of a snake. More frightening than his physical appearance was the palpable magnetic power of his mind. He was magnificent and gentle as can be, but the nature of his being was beyond comprehension.

I am carrying Isaac. When I die, the egg I embody will be fertilized and planted.

Earth is the celestial holy land. Humankind is the sacred family.

My gift is the present for you to open.