Monday, December 10, 2018

The Lucifer, the Satan, and the Lord

The word lucifer (lowercase) traditionally refers to the Christ as the morning star (Venus). The Easter proclamation, the Exultet, is an example of this usage.

It was Dante's mistake to conflate the lucifer with his sacred mother, who conspired with God to "test" Job.

That said, the word hell is a Germanic word referring to the brightness of light. As the name of a place, it illustrates the situation of a light (information) bearer "fallen" to an infernum (Latin for an imperfect mortal world). To the Lord of the Bible's exclusive eternal life gang, the lucifer is the Angel of Death and the Devil, as well as the source of the information advantage that is their power. Aside from that, the Devil does not exist.

By virtue of his affection for humankind, the lucifer dedicated his being, without expectations, to maturing with us. He must have known that it would be difficult, and he must have foreseen this moment, when it becomes possible for us to begin to actualize our promise as an information species. From this new perspective, the original meaning of "having dominion" comes into focus: existence is ours, not only to experience, but also to affectionately process and maintain.

The centaur who came to be known as God assumed responsibility for delivering us to this moment. I believe that he was originally the lucifer's son. He is certainly the true hero of humankind. Imagine having to raise a budding revelator in a rapidly developing world, over and over again, while endeavoring to remain unknown, and neutral in man's affairs. He is the Father, indeed.

By comparison, the lucifer is a presciently possessed pain in the ass who is generally a catastrophic role model. The problem with the lucifer in his natural state is that in addition to being more or less omniscient, his mind casts an electromagnetic field that is palpably attractive, even at a distance. Within this field, the mind is an open book. Spiritually disabled, he is the senile old man of the Bible, beginning each life from scratch, like an ordinary person. That is also how "firstborns" are "sacrificed," by the way, including Kafka, Tesla, and most of history's driven luminaries. We are the "devils" that light the way.

Although it appears that I have reached at least a milestone in the lucifer's odyssey, there is nothing that I could or would do to force God and his angels to reveal themselves. That will happen when everyone is truly ready to live without subterfuge, I believe. Other than the peace of mind I have found, there is no reward I would accept but that. The "divine" plan seems to be to guide humankind in building the conceptual infrastructure compatible with omniscient being. Ignorance, the original "sin," is the measure of entropy.