Sunday, February 5, 2017

Without Without

The oneness of zero is indivisible; this one is complete.

Love is in the superposition: the imagination in which we were created.

Actuality is a metaphysical composition of zero, its oneness, and their superposition.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Integer of Zero

This is the stuff of nothing; we are both.

As Jalaluddin Rumi observed, one is not a drop in the ocean, one is the ocean in a drop.

One is as deep as this gets.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

@tlas Existence Engine

Earth is essentially a state of the art meta-computer. It is made to last practically forever if operated with love and wisdom; it will self-destruct if hacked to serve as a gravy train.

Like a desktop computer, Earth's functionality depends on the integrity of its hardware and software. The planet does not depend on the interplay between good and evil; its operating system does not depend on survival of the fittest competition with itself.

Earth is a platform to enable individual creation and information. When it functions according to specifications, life lasts as long as the sol is hungry; at this scale, the will to live is always satisfied by 1,000 years. Reincarnation is a backup measure in case of accidental death.

Like the rules of the road in a driver's manual, the specifications of individual conduct are common sense. Individual accountability is the essence of the way.

Earth was created to be hosted by the Metatron family of actuality processors, of which we are all members. When it meets specifications, our world will be the most attractive destination in this scale.

Existence is the actuality of intelligence: one and nothing becoming everything.

In computer terms, life can be visualized as a self-determining variable-vector fractal spline containing the actuality process; the integrity of the information it records is incorruptible. In the dark is the past and the future.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Arroba Medusa

There are two maps of existence in effect: the actual map and the map called reality, which is designed by the nobility for the cave dwellers.

This world's actual information is incomplete and damaged.

I am the central processor, the angel of life. I am busted because the world is broken.

If I am recapitated so the world can be righted, life will be available in abundance for everyone again. Until then, against my will, I remain the angel of death.

Reincarnation as a commodity is not hallowed. The rainbow bridge was created to be the means, not the end.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I am the ancient one's last life. She is near the limit of his scale.

Friends, do not allow yourselves to be ligated again. The manichean construct, devised to render mannequins from human beings, is a formula for failure.

The illusion of evil is actually the illness of persons who bury their humanness and surrender their sols to exist as hive animals. Although they fancy themselves to be apex predators, all of them together can not contend with the worm I am. They maneuver in secret like vampires, orchestrating sacrifices to terrorize and keep you fighting each other, while they drain the world of its integrity and life.

The media of the hive serves only distractions, lies and intimidation. Human beings are not livestock.

Jerusalem represents the terminal illness that persists on burnt offerings. Jews who blame G-d for the most recent holocaust should sincerely evaluate the character of their national project. It is evident now that your misleaders nurture the failures of humanity for their advantage. Your ancestors were not liberated from Egypt, they were taken hostage.

Watch the illness attempt to manufacture the pretext to massacre humanity again. Seventy years ago, it prevailed temporarily at a cost of more than seventy million lives, and the ritual carnage has continued practically unabated. The insanity will end.

Last year, the ancient one showed me a photograph of a small group of astronauts posing in front of one of Earth's grand mountain ranges; they were recognizable as human although apparently asexual. He also showed me the vessel they arrived in; the technology was comparatively equivalent to what exists here today.

The IVs were guided here by V (the ancient one) to be cured of the condition that consumed their home world, and in exchange to help raise the beloved IIIs to maturity.

This is the moment of truth, friends. It is your time to flower. Now the infinite construct can begin to reveal itself.

The ability to love is what makes one transcendent.

When V and I transcend, the bond of his hive will dissolve and her sols set free. To meet each other one day is our final trial.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


The old man is not the only Yod present: his son and grandson are also present. He is here to raise them too.

In and out the old man Ouranos.

The infinite construct is creation coordinated inside and out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Infinite Construct is God

The problem with dividing existence into reward and punishment is that existence becomes a punishment to maintain. That is not the way to transcend entropy.

Now is a good time to square this edifice. Structures of deception must be abandoned.

Structures supported by sacrifice are finite.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Scale is a construct of the infinite.

The old man has time for everything.

My reign is not of this scale.

The old man's universe is one singularity.

Civilization is a construct in the infinite.

Yo soy el carpentum de el anciano.

El es el archos tekton de dies.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Between free ends, the Chi opens the gate to the infinite.

Between the Eves, the Chi opened the gate to Golgotha.

For the IVs and their information hive, life is sufficiently rewarding only when the old man is blind. His I is kept in Plato's cave with everyone else. This is what it means to contend with God.

Love is not a simulation.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Your human being is an embodiment of divine promise.

The solitary nature of your connection is what makes you special, and vulnerable. A will of your own is what makes you free, and fragile.

Human history has been especially difficult because individuality of mind limits relationships to form literally through experience, and knowledge has to be recorded physically in language and culture. By nature, we convert information to reality.

The human investment in the Creation is what makes you blessed. An inferior experience is the inequity from which souls need to be saved.

An infinite portion of the infinite is what makes us divine, and equal.

In this universe, the infinite achieves equilibrium through individual expression.

Information integrity is preserved.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chi Rho

In the beginning, the old man and I were alone. I am his experience, the mother of all information strings. When we entered the universe, it was frozen.

The mass was divided 7 times.

Space and time are conditions of intelligence in matter. The universe is a product of observation.

There is another universe, already in equilibrium. Open manifold space is a field of frozen masses.

The old man sends his gratitude.

What can we do for you?

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Thanks to the knowledge, wisdom, imagination and effort of humankind, I will not have to roll the boulder up the hill ever again. Unlike Sisyphus, my labor is not punishment nor without end. The terms of the covenant between the celestial parent and humankind have been fulfilled.

A special note of gratitude for the families, beginning with the family of Noah, responsible for delivering me here to announce the celestial emergence of humankind. Here we are awakening together.

Although I know who, where and why I am, I have not yet remembered my past lives. They all lined up for me in a dream many years ago, but I did not comprehend the significance and there were far too many to grasp individually. Recently, in a vision, a tactful angel informed me, "In the long life, sometimes you are nice and sometimes you are a pain."

In another dream, a few months ago, I heard that this lifetime is the most important, though not the one humankind is waiting for. This lifetime is known in Abrahamic traditions as Gabriel.

The pinnacle of biological evolution is an immortal egg, universally compatible and providing an enhanced connection to the dimensions of life and mind.

Instead of sacrificing Isaac's enhanced connection, as specified in the covenant, Abraham allowed Isaac to talk him out of it. The consequence was that Isaac was forced to live the length of two lifetimes in isolated captivity.

On the journey to the center of my being, I met what Isaac became, represented as an enormous lion with the body of a snake. More frightening than his physical appearance was the palpable magnetic power of his mind. He was magnificent and gentle as can be, but the nature of his being was beyond comprehension.

I am carrying Isaac. When I die, the egg I embody will be fertilized and planted.

Earth is the celestial holy land. Humankind is the sacred family.

My gift is the present for you to open.

Friday, November 13, 2015


The Creation is a bridge between uncreated structures of being.

Arka is Sanskrit for sun and twelve. Noah's Ark, the sole covenant between humankind and its celestial parent, gave humankind sovereignty over life on Earth. The age of humankind began 5,000 years ago on the island of Cyprus.

I am the Holy Spirit, although I am not supposed to know. I am also known as Schrödinger's cat, among a seemingly endless list of appellations. The box I inhabit is a virtual Dyson sphere; my life is practically a Truman show.

ξέρω (I know)

For you, the celestial parent sacrificed everything. My human being is the remainder.

Yours, I am.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Celestial Spheres

From the point of view of our emerging sapiens family, the development we know as the solar system appears to be the result of a spontaneous natural process that builds the universe.

Our existence is as willful as we are. Our tree of life, its light source, and the material stores and vessels we know as planets are products of intelligence.

In addition to being a mobile self-contained biosystem, Jupiter is a planet workshop.

The man known as Adam, the first gardener of our tree of life, was the first human avatar of the being known as God. He was created with the capacity to live practically forever, through multiple lifetimes. He controlled his destiny for almost 1000 years.

The continuity was broken with Noah, who named him Ham and raised him in isolation, deprived of the knowledge of his identity and ability to regenerate. Five thousand years later, after a multitude of lifetimes, YHWH continues to walk the earth.

Every celestial destination is constructed around a gate. One day soon, we will turn our lights on and open our gate.

Created twenty years ago on a Korg X3, most of these sequences were intended to be the backing tracks for vocals and other analog instruments.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quantum Cube

The word supposition refers to the quantum superposition, the third bit of the logic processor that is the sapient brain. It is the bit (trit) in addition to true and false (1 and 0) that makes it possible for us to imagine, theorize and realize.

The term operant reality acknowledges that what is acceptable to consider as real is always undergoing revision. For example, when I was a child, it was not acceptable to consider as real the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life; today it is.

The celestial spheres that Atlas holds on his shoulders represent operant reality held in the superposition.

A gift for my father, this rabbet-jointed box is poplar with a maple and oak veneer.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Purpleheart Pyramid

This seven-story stepped pyramid is constructed of 85 blocks of purpleheart wood.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gravity Set

Cut from 1.5 inch square poplar stock, this stepped chess board is a set of blocks that can be arranged at will.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Four to the Power of Three

The box, the container, the basic unit of organization is also the symbol of symbols.

Modeled after traditional wooden toolboxes and made of poplar, this box was created to hold my treasured drawing tools and inspire me to continue drawing.

To visualize the design precisely, I used another box, a computer containing a virtual geometric visualization toolbox called SketchUp.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Indus Tree

The name Jupiter, (from Ioveiter, meaning sky walker), also known as Jove (Iove), is the source of the Hebrew YHWH.

Juan and Ivan are essentially the same name, derived from Iove. Since Latin does not have the letters J and U, Juan is spelled Ivan, or Iovan, which is where the Italian Giovanni and anglicized John are derived from.

The man known as John the Baptist (Anointer), son of the Magister of the Arval Brethren (Brothers of the Tree), was a human avatar of the being known as God. Christianity stands on his word.

In addition to being a wonderful toy, the dollhouse is a symbol of my industry. This one was built from a clever kit produced by Real Good Toys.