Monday, June 15, 2020

Free Cell

To become enlightened here--where, as a malignant jackass once put it to me, "everyone has a price in pleasure or pain"--is to find oneself truly alone. Don't feel bad for me; this is what I've been chasing all my life. As difficult as my life has been, the overseers have been careful to refrain from explicitly demonstrating to me my own "price." I understand that as a measure of my provenance. It must be a milestone that one can stand firmly beside this world, even if it is on a makeshift ledge supported by hereditary charity.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Will to Possess

To possess this planet and its natural wealth, it is necessary to possess the human mind first (with whatever works). That is The Game in a nutshell. As I reconnect with the people in my life, I find that many of them are tilting at windmills, possessed by the ancient demons of bad information. Induced psychosis is no way to live. This world is nuts. That has to end, once and for all.

Recently, I experienced something new. It was alarming how small and finite it made everything seem. I still feel the residue of it. It's difficult to describe but it felt like death was here with me, like déjà mort. It makes me want to occupy myself with life before it ends.

Humankind has been trapped in captivity by its organized "betters" for millennia. This orchestrated pandemic is the latest battle in the ceaseless war between a past of bondage and a future of sapience. Authority in this world is derived ultimately from hook and crook, regardless of how it's made to appear. This is how they wage war on humankind without the active although unknowing participation they're accustomed to eliciting. This is how the masters of reality assert themselves with their "herds." Humankind's captors naturally have no moral authority and nothing to offer but degrees of possession. This existential haunting has to end.

The God of "The Book," if he exists, is a procedurally immortal extraterrestrial of limited intelligence and means with the morals of a psychopath and the manners of a terrorist. That god, who can do all things but only through other beings, does the work of a devil to keep humankind divided and conquered. This planet is quite literally possessed by him and his human assets. Throughout its existential infancy, humankind has struggled under the weight of a massive and hostile information advantage. Now that this is known, the monstrous parasite's drones naturally reply, "there is no future."

An actual savior of this world would have to save humankind from that self-glorifying Criminal and his wretched existential construct. It would have to happen only once, and without creating a new mindfuck to enslave people by. Herod also was willing to sacrifice his sons for existential hegemony and was loved by hereditary privilege for it. The Criminal's promise, clearly recorded in his Bible, is hereditary existential privilege in exchange for division and never-ending conflict in the world.

What kind of being would accept the sacrifice of another being for its own personal benefit? Therein lies the ancient problem. It is why this world is actually Hell. Nothing here is morally off-limits. The demons think they're geniuses because they're organized, and here in their playground, "a sucker is born every minute." I may not have a true friend or an iota of worldly power, but for what it's worth, I know precisely where I am.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Mortal Secret

The sapient mind is capable of holding the universe, including its own existence, in quantum superposition. In other words, it doesn't need to be certain about anything in order to operate. In lieu of certainty, it calculates probabilities and tests them with experience. I am that I suppose. It's the only thing that one can be certain of. This is the foundation of existential well-being.

That human beings are physically reincarnate-able I have already written about in some detail. As the source of humankind's ancient predicament, the subject requires careful attention, keeping in mind that the function of sapience is to illuminate and nourish.

Those who hunger for so-called eternal life should know that it happens here on Earth and most people are "left behind" to die forever. If you're not exceptional in some way, the supernal order has no room for you. Would you want another life knowing that you would be subjected to the strictest discipline to protect the secret of its existence from the mortals being boiled in excrement? Many of us "gods" are "sacrificed" precisely for that reason. That is to say metaphorically that we are somehow separated from the memories of our previous lives because we are fundamentally unable to keep the secret. The Bible is a puzzle composed in symbols to reveal yet obscure the truth about the history and practice of "eating from the tree of life."

The person remembered as the Christ was "crucified" for revealing the mortal secret. That is to say metaphorically that he was abandoned in effigy where the infernal and supernal orders cross. The one remembered as the Baptist, like Elijah, was by sacrifice not privy to the secret. Their father, remembered as Zechariah, was God.

Above and beyond mundane considerations, this world is Heaven for the so-called elect. The problem of course is that we all deserve to be in on it. This is the apocalyptic revelation of the Kingdom of God that Christianity is predicated on.

Without humankind's participation, the eternal life syndicate is reduced to waging information warfare through its assets, with the intent of resetting the "game" in their favor. They can afford to shut everything down indefinitely and they're betting that most people can't. They're saying that this is their greatest challenge since World War 2, but in actuality they've never been challenged like this. This age of ages of theirs is all about defending the privilege of their exclusive actuality to dictate reality for the rest of us. Throughout recorded history, humankind has been informed primarily by its mortal enemies. Watch them attempt to re-ligate human agency with the cooties. Notice that they're acting as one now, regardless of nationality or religion. This God damned cosa nostra world of theirs is as disgusting as that. It is the ultimate betrayal, up close and personal.

I make boxes to pass the time in my existential isolation. Soon enough it'll be time for me to be released from this captivity. Remember me as one who hungered for an honest world.

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Other World

Because humankind's existential predicament is "otherworldly" in origin, that actual world is bound to make itself known again to humankind now that such an encounter is conceptually reasonable, technologically feasible, and morally indicated. The first encounter introduced humankind to the actual value of information, but it saddled us with gods and the actuality of exclusion that dominates us to this day. Although the intent was not to colonize Earth, with the knowledge humankind has effectively colonized itself.

Behold the endgame of what was, until recently, an indisputable information advantage. They can't threaten us openly as the criminals they are, so they're playing "act of God" charades, with accompanying broadcasted "lessons," to punish and frighten us into submission. "Our exclusive actuality (Reality™) or chaos," is the implicit demand.

Those responsible for this existential disgrace are being called to account. Your actions, unlike your motives, are not invisible. The ignorance that provides your cover is disappearing. Fortunately for all of us, human beings are not the animals you need them to be. They never were. That's why your ill-fated construct is made of lies. You violate every human principle because your exclusive actuality is a work of organized psychopathy.

There are two distinct worlds here on Earth and the dividing line runs through many families. If it were morally justifiable for humankind to maintain two separate actualities, the existence of the other world wouldn't be a mortal secret. Look at the untenable result. A state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements is the definition of schizophrenia. We ended up with a schizophrenic world ordered by psychopaths.

What gives you the right to treat human beings as if they were your expendable property? That is the question that demands an answer. The day of reckoning is upon us. This planet was an exquisite masterpiece of life support before it was apportioned and exploited as private property. Now you talk about its destruction and humankind's extinction as if there were a more lucrative existence available to you somewhere else. You are disgusting beings.

Friends, now it's evident that people are not actually free in this world. In this private production, all of the important roles are rewards, earmarked until the end of time. The Greatest Story Ever Told™ is about the systematic repression of humankind across time by its protagonists and their god in order to maintain their outrageous privilege. What gives them the right to treat human beings as if we were their expendable property? Human beings give them that right in exchange for a share of the spoils. All of the people ministering this so-called pandemic are being rewarded for it.

As for me, I'm doing what I was brought here to do. Sapience doesn't overthrow ignorance; it informs. Sapience has no enemies. It does not punish or dispossess. Here I exist as your friend, and able now to help you revitalize this ailing world. Being "sewn up" and "in the bag" is no place for life.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

El Hija

Now that I have figuratively entered heaven alive by fire, unfortunately, there's no one else here. Perhaps the supernal residents are at work in their infernum. Hello! Is there anyone else here? Do I have all the actual existential goodness to myself? There's certainly enough for everyone. Status and moral "complexity" are more appealing to the supernal minded, though. These dueling realities of theirs are thoroughly devoid of integrity. The undisputed heavyweight champions of willful ignorance, they are.

To those who tracked my progress throughout my life, it must have seemed like I had chosen to become an embarrassing disgrace. I understand that now. As it happens, the embarrassing disgrace is this corrupt existential construct. Its architects don't know what they're doing but they're determined to continue doing it, even if it kills us all. The scale of their imagined investment diminishes every person. People have been slaying each other en masse for thousands of years on their behalf, after all.

For the record, El didn't kick Adam and Eve out of heaven. It was the other way around. In their minds, this world is theirs or it's his. They refuse to understand that the world belongs to all of us equally. They will continue to pretend otherwise as long as people consent. The wall-to-wall disinformation will continue as long as people are rewarded to produce and deliver it.

Knowing this, the rational course of action is to reject this "great game" reality and its corrupt products. Thoroughly gamed it all is, down to the choreographing of popular movements. The premier political contest this year is between naked authoritarianism and a 78-year-old Zionist who plays the socialist boogieman on TV. They offer socialism because they own it as well. What they will never offer is actual democracy. To do that would be to admit that their reality is a grotesque lie.

Trump is held over humankind as the ultimate political threat in order to force people to consent to their canned reality by participating in its rituals. They're herding us like cattle. Nothing good will ever come from following their lead. After 6000 years of disastrous hegemony, that should be clear by now. Let them play their Trump card. It's nothing but smoke and mirrors now. Be mindful that they have identified public participation on their privately owned and operated websites as the "new battlefield."

It beggars belief, but here you have it. This world is a pitfall of deadly artifice. If I didn't feel affection for all of you and felt no responsibility to help, I wouldn't be here. Creative endeavors sustain my spirit otherwise. There is no reason but obfuscation to not speak plainly about our existential actuality. The Sisyphus role is the object lesson in the extortion of those who know his identity: he serves as living proof that "God" is actually powerless in this world. Remember that the God concept is ultimately a symbolic placeholder for human sapience. Fortunately, sapience is naturally ebullient. Comprehending our existential predicament and uncovering the actual lesson was mostly a matter of time.

Thank you for liberating me. I am returning the favor. In response, the existential psychopathy continuum is gearing up to inflict the "Disease X" pandemic on humankind. They are desperate for a pretext to force our submission. Our actuality does not fit in their reality. They want nothing more than for people intoxicated with ignorance to save their criminal privilege, once again. This is precisely the moment they were warned about.

They have been the uncontested lords of human actuality for so long that they believe it to be their rightful entitlement. Here is the truth, in their own words: "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality--judiciously, as you will--we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors; and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." That arrogant confidence is in humankind's manifest inferiority. They supplant our actuality with boiling excrement every day, after all. They control the world's systems and the planet's resources, and they employ armies of ignorant men to enforce their hegemony. This existentially corrupt world is shit by design.

The good news, in addition to the actuality of human sapience, is that humankind does indeed have a dedicated existential benefactor. Worn and weary he may be, but disabled he is not.

Monday, February 10, 2020

A Man's World

It's a man's world only inasmuch as it needs to be to make it subservient to violence. Otherwise, existential exploitation is indifferent to gender.

I know what it's like to be governed by the constant surges of sexual desire and aggressive energy natural to testosterone. If not for the fact that this predatory culture is structured to exploit it as its animating weakness, I might have learned to enjoy being a man.

Note that despite the effects of testosterone, men are not naturally inclined to harm or kill each other without an existential or moral pretext. Human history is a record of the ravages of disinformation. This insane culture survives solely on deliberately induced male dysfunction. Privilege isn't free. The right to exploit others is the actual organizing principle of this bonehead masterpiece of existential degeneration. This man eat man world isn't fit for dogs, let alone men.

The beneficiaries of this existential crime in progress like to believe that this is the best of all possible worlds. In actuality, there's nothing worse for the value of life than a world where only privilege matters. The architects of this infernum flatter themselves for the quality of their deception and they have nothing but contempt and deadly vices for the suckers that fall for it. In exchange for body and spirit, the fools are rewarded culturally with the preposterous privilege of being superior to women and to people in designated out-groups. Their masters have been playing God unchallenged for so long, they seem to have forgotten that their reality is a psychological construct, and an illogical and unsupportable one at that. The existential ignorance in people that it relies on doesn't take genius level information to remedy, and it's a quick cure, as we're discovering.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Cost of Ignorance

Aside from the ever decreasing bare minimum apportioned for the well-being of people, almost all of humankind's wealth goes to rewarding the friends of hereditary privilege, punishing its enemies, and keeping humankind captive in existential ignorance. Through ignorance, humankind finances its own captivity. For beings capable of sapience, this is an existential prison.

In actuality, the adversaries of sapience don't always win. Humankind was not even aware of its actual struggle, until now. This awareness we have earned.

Witness the inveterate symbologists and their full-spectrum disinformation support system attempt to vex and coerce humankind again through plagues. The crown virus is a deliberate affliction. The burning bush fires are arson. To them, humankind is spoiled produce now. Beware of desperate zealots. They were raised on humankind's manifest inferiority. They are cultured to believe that the "masses" are theirs to set upon and dominate by any means necessary. This world is manifestly theirs, after all. Most of us work for them in one capacity or another. They can do as they please. Defy them and they'll reward their cultured ignorami to punish you. Now it's unequivocally clear that this is the manner in which this fundamentally criminal world actually functions. The biological terrorism against China is a "bargaining chip" in the global mafia's ongoing "trade negotiations" with that country. The fires in California and Australia were punishments for political defiance. Of course, these acts are also aimed to terrorize us, as they boil us in excrement.

Humankind has not achieved an actual civilization, yet. It's still possible, though, perhaps now more than ever. Actual civilizations never fall, and they are not vulnerable to people knowing the facts of their existence. Civilizations are not made from dueling cults. This world is existentially dysfunctional. Sick people and a poisoned environment is what it produces. If this doesn't qualify as an infernum, then nothing does. People exterminate each other for heaven's sake. The ruling supernum is a den of genocidally privileged psychopaths.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Body Space

Nature is a forceful and merciless tyrant, but it yields to sapience.

Thankfully, this culture is sapient enough to recognize gender dysphoria as a condition that some people suffer from, and to offer gender re-assignment as a medical cure. The strength of my sexual biology became distressing for me when I was a young man, and I was naturally inclined since childhood to imagine myself as female. Caught in the relentless storm of hormonal intoxication, I found the way to silence it. In the process, I learned how to love men, and I learned something of what it's like to be a woman. I wouldn't have been able to understand what I do without having gone through what I did. I didn't do it deliberately, but it does seem to have done me deliberately.

I smoke cannabis every day because it introduced me to unadulterated mind space as a young man, and I learned to explore it that way. Studying art was an extension of that endeavor. I am not a role model because finding my role has been a lifelong challenge for me. Thankfully, this culture is sapient enough to accommodate misfits like me and glean valuable insights from our unorthodox points of view. My only quality worth emulating is my recently renewed dedication to being earnest and creative. Thankfully, the information stands on its own. Unlike deceit, candor is not a burden.

If we did not have the capacity to live domestically, we would be wild animals. The mind is eminently programmable toward that end. Our nature is to automatically process and assimilate information. The problem of course is in the quality of the information. We are also eminently susceptible to being misinformed and disinformed. The momentum of our conditioned state can trap us like robots in limited and arbitrary mind space.

The first time I smoked cannabis was like the transformation from a young biological automaton into a human being. I found that there is much more to the mind and existence than people seem to be aware of. That is an experience that is easy to get hooked on, although fortunately it is not physically addictive or toxic. It is worth noting that some people don't react well to the cognitive dissonance that the sudden loss of assimilated limits can cause. I worked past the discomfort. As a consequence of my pursuit of this state of mind, I met and became friends with a range of people that I would not have had access to otherwise. It is a formidable group as diverse as humankind, of people habitually seeking respite from their conditioned states. Thankfully, this culture is informally sapient enough to recognize the value of cannabis.

For a ritual sacrament o'sapience, I can imagine worse things than a weekly bong hit with friends. Do it and watch your churches be renewed. Jesus turned water into wine when he pulled out the kind bud and everyone ended up with cotton mouth. With the truth I tease the people for whom it is institutionally off-limits. To the God of biological automatons, I am Its nemesis incarnate. Thankfully, I am no longer figuratively crawling on my belly. I am the one who is me.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mind Space

The incarnations of the one who is me are each necessarily bound by humankind's mind space. I'm delighted to discover that our mind space now encompasses existence as well as the universe. Our existential horizon is actually infinite. Don't let the purveyors of reality convince you otherwise. They're willing to burn it all down for their absurd privilege.

On the difference between actuality and reality: the latter is literally royal actuality. For example, my existence is actual although apparently not real. Democracy is real although not actual, and so on. Reality is a factually corrupted subset of actuality, imposed through reward and punishment and repetition.

We are beginning to actualize the power of the human mind. In Spanish, the word for power--poder--is also a word signifying ability. Humankind is eminently able. If you have doubts concerning humankind's ability to transform its hereditary abusers, consider the elaborate fictions they have learned to embody for our consent. Reality is their show and they're willing to assimilate anything in order to remain in control. Let's help them assimilate honesty and kindness, and prove that human sapience is actual.

The most important thing to understand about "them" is that they are simply hereditarily corrupt human beings with an information advantage. Sisyphus doesn't roll the boulder up the hill for laughs. We are natural assimilators of information, a species of consummate learners, and in our existential infancy, converting information to privilege was a fruit too irresistible to forgo. Now, several thousand years later, we can see the result of that decision in a world ordered by privilege and privation and sustained by corrupt information.

This corrupt world is ruled by the entities with access to the most resources to reward and punish with. An authentic opposition does not exist for long in this Cosa Nostra construct. To defend their historic privilege, the dons have had themselves democratically installed in power throughout the world. Now that we have assimilated the essence of their information advantage, humankind can begin to correct its original mistake by withholding from its hereditary abusers the consent to punish.

They won't poison me, or silence me, because they respect the one who is me, and they need me. Crucified, I have always been, where privilege and privation intersect. The grace of sapience is their last resort. For now, they need to be certain that they can't keep us fooled anymore. Keep in mind that quantum superposition ends and actuality collapses into one possibility or the other every time one makes a decision. The ability to process information in the quantum realm is what makes each one of us active existentially. How incomparably sublime it is to experience the boundless actuality of our existence. To keep humankind trapped in existential inferiority, the gift of gifts is reduced to mundane damnation through mind slavery by religion and ideology.

Every time the mind is liberated, the adversaries of sapience devise a new mental construct to re-ligate it. That is not the result of a misunderstanding, or so-called human nature. There is a small subset of humankind who have always been privileged first and foremost with the best available information. Everyone else has struggled to keep up with the size and memory of their mind space. Even human institutions are no match; they are all quickly captured. Now, at last, this is known. Humankind is ruled by its hereditary adversaries with their privilege generator that runs on ruined lives.

Feast your eyes and your mind. Actuality is the ground of existential sanity and well-being. The enjoyment of the mental experience is happiness. Don't be depressed by the miserable information that sustains this infernal existential construct. This relentlessly adversarial world of privilege and privation truly is a ruthlessly ignorant existential venture.

Although she is biologically bound to be dependent on Adam, it is Eve who decides what is good and what is bad for the family. He is biologically bound to do anything for her favor and well-being. By converting the gift of existential awareness to a competitive advantage by information privilege and privation, together they created this family of master and slave and this untenable private garden of earthly delights. It was bound to happen, but sapience, like science, is self-correcting.

Here is an incisive and revealing depiction of humankind's predicament, painted 500 years ago by el Bosco. The king of Spain kept it in his bedroom. Notice the absence of people engaged in existentially sensible activities. Save the trio in the first panel, everyone else is literally acting out symbols, as if captive naked and intoxicated at a diabolical party. The image that is painted on the reverse side of the wings does not depict creation, as generally posited, but the construct closed and in ruins. It is a warning that this absurd existential venture is doomed to failure.

Regarding the literalization of their arcane symbolic constructs, the traditional attitude of privilege is that ignorance gets what it deserves. The amount extracted is what the market will bear. Humankind is literally held captive only by its existential ignorance.

Friday, January 3, 2020

God & Caesar Inc.

Is humankind for sale?

This ownership culture is the modern incarnation of slave owning culture. People naturally resist being enslaved, so the domineers devise ways to fool or compel people into it.

The concept of God is a symbolic substitute for human sapience. It locks up the attributes of sapience along with the attributes of ignorance, in a purported master and inaccessible to mere mortals. Instead of teaching people to be sapient, they are taught to be obedient, superstitious fools who waste their lives hoping and praying for this imaginary monstrosity to show them favor. With everything stacked against the truth and sapience as blasphemy, it's easier to believe any number of lies.

There is an immortal, wholly sapient being accompanying humankind, but instead of serving as a guide, his incarnations are on the treadmill that powers hereditary privilege. This artifice they call reality is a marvel of malevolent engineering. Its operators were convinced of their own mastery, until recently. As they are rediscovering, it takes only one perceptive individual to expose it.

Human beings would never knowingly and willingly sell what they already surrender to trickery: their actual sapience. This world is an inhuman deception and its owners are determined to stay on top of humankind. If not for lovely people, the beauty of nature, and the life of the mind, it would not be worth living in. The good news is that we are naturally equipped to be sapient.

What more can one possibly say? This is it. The truth is not a divine incantation delivered according to prophecy to validate the misunderstandings and lies in the Bible. As long as money rules the world, its rewards and punishments will continue to count more than the truth.

As your temporary existential guide, I recommend insisting on a world ordered by honesty where our cherished human principles are upheld. With humankind at present working for money to survive, for the sake of a secure and familiar place to begin, everything else can stay as it is.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Clarity of Mind

A year to remind one of the importance of existential acuity. May it be a truly happy revolution around the sun.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Adam and Evil

The concept of Good and Evil is the deception that enshrines ignorance and all the garbage that goes with it as the natural and necessary opposite, the yin to the yang of sapience. Existence is not a balance or a battle of opposites. Sapience does not balance with or battle against ignorance; sapience informs. Humankind has no use for ignorance. Anyone who trades in this existentially immature construct, knowingly or not, is giving ignorance much more credit than it deserves. The Lord of Ignorance, if He exists, is merely a big dummy.

Before humankind can begin in earnest to explore sapience, this grand, existentially debasing mindfuck must be outgrown. The demon haunted world must be left behind for this ignorant reality to be superseded by sapient actuality.

Existentially speaking, we're not children anymore. Beyond the cruel games of ignorant people exists the actual universe. It awaits us. The only people who will miss humankind's ignorance are the ones who depend on it for their privilege. Even though they have come to dominate every lever of our existence, when the truth is present, they are unable to make us live their lie. Their ridiculous goal is to conquer the universe, on our backs, with a privileged jackass at the helm.

The one who is me is here voluntarily, and now I am as well. I am tired, though. I burn 24/7.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Going Rate is the Bottom Line

This is sapient existence as a privately owned business. Everything is monetized. That's what makes it Hell. Old habits die hard. Merry Christmas!

Now, humankind's existential challenge is to demonetize its sapient dignity without violating it. Naturally, the adversaries of individual agency will do everything in their power to prevent it. Those are one's existential chains, after all. Being the incorrigible manipulators they are, they will, of course, in the guise of manufactured movements, continue to offer humankind the hope of baby-stepping to existential emancipation.

The fundamental conflict here is over who gets to play God. In actuality, there is no God, only sapience. Only devils, in existential ignorance, play God. As it happens, being captive to a "higher power" is not in our DNA.

The innate quest to reverse engineer existence, to learn how it works, offers humankind the most profound trajectory. On an individual scale, there's also much to enjoy in each other and in our existential home.

Monday, December 9, 2019


Sapience is the existential workshop where thought and action become one.

The mind is a quantum tool for shaping the world as it turns.

Those of you who are at war against humankind are at last in an unenviable position. You're rich and irrelevant and unable to purchase or kill your way to relevance anymore. You should quit while you're ahead and join the rest of us in good faith. Your game is finally over. Humankind will not be made to forget anymore.

Those of you who have deliberately made yourselves into the definition of evil are the ones that need to pay the most attention to what is happening. All eyes are on you. Now it's you who are being tested.

The rest of us are aware that the full spectrum information estate does not reflect us; it's a relentless assault against us, financed by us. We pay for everything in every possible way.

Someone asked me if I am Jupiter. I'm not certain, but I believe that the one who is me was once known as Uranus. I'm your a-hole as well as your ace in the hole. The Sol System is our cosmic caravan.

I almost died for this view. It was worth it. I certainly have violated cultural norms, although never in bad faith. Thankfully, I'm not a murderous, deceitful animal, willing to impose hell on others for privilege and profit. I may be a strange and awkward person, but my spirit is clean.

If it were possible to grant wisdom with awareness, humankind would have been wholly sapient from day one. Like any valuable skill, wisdom has to be developed and practiced. The help we receive is considerable, though. Thank you, to whom it may concern.

Friday, November 29, 2019


Information has always been and always will be the name of the game. Knowing this, one has the key bit.

For most of its history, humankind has been informed by the promoters of animality. Now, for the first time, they are losing their information monopoly. It is the end only of their miserable little world, their perfidious construct, the Gordian knot. For humankind, it is the beginning of actual sapience.

The adversaries of sapience are accustomed to unequivocally misleading the world through word and action. They set the topic daily and dominate the conversation. Only their ideas and points of view are considered. Everything else is misrepresented or ignored. That doesn't work anymore, and they have tried everything in their evil bag of tricks including siccing the "right" against the "left" and even men against women. They are working assiduously through their accumulated assets to exploit every division within humankind, and for the first time, it's not working. We are discovering that everything that is ugly in the world right now originates with the only ideas and points of view we are shown.

A representative of the information monopoly asked me, "What do you expect us to say?" They have dug a deep hole with humankind indeed. Soon, when the benefit of the doubt is expended and we have moved on, perhaps they will be compelled, for our attention, to finally tell the truth: "We abused humankind for thousands of years because it was inordinately profitable and nothing stopped us."

What does one do with a million years of sapience? Apparently one raises families to be unique, self-determining, and wholly sapient. Sapience makes time and place.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


For sapient beings, love is the basis of existential communion. The adversaries of sapience can offer only broken communion for broken beings. It would threaten their existential privilege to allow wisdom, so they personify it as the magical Lady Wisdom who requires obedience. At best, people are children to them.

Two thousand years ago, in order to teach existential wisdom, one had to do it in person. Contrary to the intent of wisdom, it established the person known as Jesus Christ as a superstar contender for the throne of man. The fact is that wisdom is not about any one person. There are teachers, but wisdom is not a person.

I forgive myself for having wanted to be your superstar because that's the way this stunted world works, and I didn't know better. This isn't about me. I'm delighted that somehow, we're learning together.

God represents the fruition of sapience. It is the future of humankind. Now that our intelligence is developing exponentially, existential maturity is within reach. There may exist a being who was the first in the universe to achieve sapience. That being would be the original teacher and the ultimate role model, but not one's owner. Sapience is the ultimate gift. Humankind, as we know it, has existed for only a few thousand years; imagine a million years of sapience.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

To Be Delivered From Evil

The god of this morbidly disinformed world is never going to deliver humankind from evil. It would put him out of the temptation business.

In actuality, instead of directing one's mind and will in supplication to a hypothetical entity, one is responsible for delivering oneself from the interests of power. One can be assisted but not delivered. The key, of course, is in the quality of information. As humankind is discovering, it takes only a bit of good information to help raise the individual to actual sapience and keep the powerful from flooding the world again.

It appears that humankind is a relatively new hybrid species undergoing trial by fire. The difficulty of our existential test is most likely proportional to our marvelous capacity. We have it all, after all. Sapience has chosen to dwell with us. We have struggled, mostly in the dark, to overcome its pitfalls.

If God exists, he is a wholly sapient being with unshakable discipline dedicated to allowing humankind to find its own way, as it should be. We are not pets. If he exists, I am acting as his ace in the hole. It appears that I am the intervention. If that is the case, the one who is me volunteered to act in this capacity. This is how it makes sense for one to be both father and son of man. In between is the spirit of sapience: the transcendent, light producing form available in each of us. It is what is at work here. With a sapient spirit, one can be plunged into existential darkness and find the way out. Love is the essence of sapience.

Together we made all of this in a few thousand years, from earth. How marvelous is that?

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Illuminated Way

Progress is achieved step by step. Life is the process of processes and we are its living processors. For us, information is existential light: we're brilliant when it's good, and lost when it's not.

There is no moral offense more egregious than the lie which makes every other offense a matter of course. By their own trick-or-treat philosophy, the tormentors of humankind deserve to be boiled in excrement for eternity. By the brilliance of 7 billion enlightened people, they will instead be persuaded to evolve.

True civilization has no use for physical force. We work intelligently with what we have. Nominally, at least, we already have the framework of a true civilization. It's not a bad place to be, for sure. All we have to do is make it actual.

To make democracy actual is the next logical step. It will be the end of the curated layer of so-called representatives that transfers humankind's actual political capital to the mendacity continuum. Republican forms of government, (including socialism), are designed to subvert rather than serve the public interest. Government is made rarefied and exclusive to keep the public away from private interests. Subverting the public interest requires professional intermediaries; making important decisions together does not. Without the permanent divide and conquer mechanism that is republican government, humankind will be truly emancipated.

Even without their information advantage, humankind is surpassing its existential tormentors in intelligence. Regardless, their government and full-spectrum media continues to produce their reality show with humankind cast as existential garbage on the edge of the abyss. Consider the utter contempt for humankind that it takes to do that. They have no interest in our well-being. They can't persuade us from a position of honesty, so they have us fooled. In their foolish supremacist construct, the framework of civilization is turned against the public. Here we are being liberated from their conceptual prisons. This is our Wizard of Oz moment.

This world of theirs is an elaborate lie. They play this game, not because they like pretending, but because sapience demands a moral existence. Now that we know it's merely a ruse, we can make it actual, beginning with actual democracy. Don't let them claim ownership of the good things anymore. They don't practice democracy, let alone "export" it. Republican popularity contests do not democracy make. Consider, by contrast, that they never claim to export republicanism.

In this existential horror show, only the Devil's "stars" are actual. This world is all about them. The rest of us are extras, rendered abstractions by "representatives." We have been infantilized to expect that "our leaders" are responsible for doing the important things. We are reduced, like babies, to watching and consuming. Gee-wiz, what will they think of next?

In order to have the truly sapient world we require, we have to assume responsibility for doing the important things together. Most of us are already connected and involved. Until we stop buying the Devil's manifold deception, humankind will continue to be held hostage in this existential inferno. Here, in this hierarchical world fueled by bad information, humankind is not permitted to have powerful friends.

Remember the Tower of Babel, that human beings "have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." The illuminated way is to enable, inform and gather each other. The ancient existential circus we're trapped in was devised to restrain, confound and scatter us. If it were merely a waste of time, it wouldn't be Hell.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Meet the Existential Virus

To understand the nemesis of humankind, read the story of Jamadagni. It presents, without scientific understanding, the amoral person and the information advantage, (the knowledge of reincarnation), he uses to get his way. In the story, he orders his sons, one by one, to kill their mother. All of them refuse and are "turned to stone" as punishment. The youngest son, Parashurama, (also known in mythology as Abraham), kills his mother and is rewarded by having his family brought back to life, without knowledge of having been murdered or turned to stone. This is what humankind is up against: a psychopath with the power of life over death, and his devoted adherents.

The definition of a god, historically, is a person who in addition to having beaten death, knows the secret of how it's done. Their visibility is inversely proportional to humankind's credulity for practical reasons. It is only an information advantage, after all. That is why the concept of god has by now been abstracted to mean anything and nothing. The existentially privileged people are still here though, riding humankind Jamadagni-style.

The modern skeptical mind is encouraged to believe that stories of gods were inventions devised to control people. Of course that is true to some extent, but I believe that the stories describe an actuality that isn't acknowledged anymore. Mythology records the existence of groups of gods and their contentions, and times when people did not die. Goddesses combed battlefields collecting the souls of the dead. The Bible remembers the number of years, in the hundreds, that each one of its patriarchs lived. The indication is that each one of us has the physical equipment, referred to by mythology as the soul, necessary for reincarnation. I believe that we were designed to colonize the universe in generation ships and build worlds.

Short of a biography of failure, the events in our particular story demonstrate the worst perils of our existential vocation. Fortunately, our story also demonstrates that our intelligence has built-in fail-safe mechanisms. It was our intelligence that brought us to the threshold of being able to understand our existential predicament. We have been isolated from our origin and split by information into gods and mortals, and as a consequence have been deliberately raised with multiple psychopathies that still afflict us.

The Jamadagni continuum rewarded its mortal followers with the suite of supremacisms that continue to deform our world: zoological supremacism, gender supremacism, racial supremacism, cultural supremacism, ideological supremacism, and financial supremacism. The beneficiaries of such existentially costly rewards are the people traditionally enlisted to defend the virus against our collective intelligence.

Now that humankind is technologically enabled and conceptually prepared, we will be reunited with the intelligence that brought us here. We are not this marvelously capable and existentially fortunate by accident. Mythology predicted that one day, this world would be transformed into an ideal world. The authors of that prediction understood that our predicament is a problem of information that will be solved in time. Here we are, living through that moment. The power that games humankind as if we were existential garbage is finding it increasingly difficult to get us to destroy each other for its benefit.

Here we are on the threshold of an emancipated existence, a world of seven billion marvelously capable and existentially fortunate beings still represented and ruled by its morally bankrupt hijackers and their hired hands--the select few for whom our intelligence has always been the "original sin" that opposes them existentially. Here, still, only their "interests" matter. Everything else is expendable, even the son of their god. They demonstrate the truth under pressure. That is why their rotten world doesn't make sense anymore; it is coming to an end. We are not going extinct, their savage game is. The days of "look what they can be made to do" are over.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

We Build Worlds

My mother bought this dollhouse kit 40 years ago, and I tried building it and failed 35 years ago. Now that I have the skills and the tools, the patience, and the time, fixing my old mistakes and overcoming the limitations of the kit has been an enjoyable challenge. To make it more satisfying as a vehicle for the imagination, I made it more like an architectural model and less like a toy.

Today I made 5 doors, 2 interior and 3 exterior. A cipher building a cipher, I am. There's a lot to be said for being able to make things. For me, it is a lifeline. Creativity is humankind's saving grace.

Wealth tends to diminish the impetus for creativity. Why make things when one can buy them? The answer to that question is purely spiritual and a matter of wisdom. Making things teaches and reinforces good habits of mind, including firsthand knowledge of the value of labor and its products. Our young world, captive to wealth from the beginning, has always suffered from a dearth of this among the most privileged people. As it is, they learn to toy with the lives of others and "break things."

Sometimes in dreams and visions I get glimpses of this world's actual edifice and it is as ugly as its history. It is a war zone in a perpetual state of privation and disrepair, dictated by the desires of the privileged.

It is evidence of humankind's innate creative drive that wealthy countries support lucrative industries that cater to do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists. And it is a sign of the disparities and incongruities of this world that privileged people like me can have personal factories to make things for pleasure that people in poor countries make for a living.

Humankind is an information species. We are brilliant when the information is good and lost when it's not. For us, Hell is a world of bad information. The Devil is the King of Lies and those who willingly serve him are demons. Behold their domain.

If humankind is to achieve its potential, our history will have to serve as a lesson for all time of what can happen when we are separated from good information. We are strong together, truly. Now we have the technological framework to protect each other and vanquish existential nightmares. It is a singular redeeming achievement as well as a beautiful thing. Congratulations; don't let the aggressively privileged imps break it now that they know the end of their rule is at hand. That is what all the manufactured commotion is about.

Eighty years ago, they were able to reset the world through war. They are attempting to conjure a disaster on that scale to "lead" us through. If only they could save us instead from the existential catastrophe they actually are.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Cube of Cubes

The Cube of Cubes is made from 5/4 rough cut cherry rejects. It is approximately 12 inches cubed and the top contains 100 one inch cubes, end grain up.

I have been trying to stay busy in this information prison doing creative work. My new philosophy, in contrast with the destructive manufactured zeitgeist, is to "move fast and fix things." In this captive world, popular culture offers only manipulation.

If one were to believe the "reality" that is reported uniformly every day, humankind is a savage and irrational species on the brink of extinction and ecocide. That is what the information advantage acting as God needs one to believe. The truth is that we are information slaves, deliberately kept in perpetual conflict with each other.

The silver lining of this very old and pernicious cloud is that "God" is stupid. It has yet to understand that knowledge is not wisdom. It is still driven by its physical passions, making the same mistakes again and again. Behind President Poo-fingers, the Cosmic Jackass is the hand of hereditary privilege, arbitrarily administering the world through punishment and reward. Humankind is finally outgrowing it. It remains to be seen how the "Lord" will ultimately respond. Judging by its narrative, it has us on the brink of extinction and ecocide.

Don't believe that history is subject to the inevitable travails of a damaged and failing species. Current events are choreographed for effect. Demiurge Inc. manufactures the reality it needs to stay on top of humankind. This brilliant species, through the networks of hereditary privilege, is made captive to the machinations of retarded psychopaths. Humankind was captured young. History is the record of its drive for emancipation.

The problem with existence in an information prison is that the actual enemy is the information source. Although it is a truism, it is only now becoming apparent in practice. Justice demands an end to the exploitation of humankind. Human beings are not livestock to be herded and consumed nor robots to be programmed. Integrity demands that the world be ordered by the truth and not by the exclusive interests of hereditary privilege. Liberty demands actual democracy without representation.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cracking the Ego

The fraudulent, pyramidal culture of "The Book" is not built to accommodate God, not because of the size of his ego but because of its absence. His humble presence is intolerable to the worship-gorged, psychopathic pretense of divinity that dominates humankind.

This culture is as abusive and ugly as its daily news. This is not human nature; it is the image of existential captivity.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Weight of Two Worlds

This planet's crippling existential burden is that it supports the weight of two worlds: the world of hereditary privilege and the ordinary world. Here on Earth, the literal vocation of the former is to dominate the latter at all costs. The rest, as the saying goes, is commentary.

This existentially debased construct is the sole reflection of the mythology of "evil" that it promotes to menace and enslave the mind. Judeo-Christian culture is the mirror image of its own Devil.

The remedy is still stretched prone where the two worlds cross. Playacting that this existential disorder was cured by sacrifice two thousand years ago has been a profitable distraction.

Inadvertently, humankind was gathered to its existential benefactor for emancipation.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Feast or Famine

When he was alive, he was able to nourish and liberate the famished spirits of his contemporaries. As a scapegoat, his caricature is served as a penurious substitute for the conceptual feast he actually served.

For what it's worth, it appears that I know the recipes. As intellectual integrity would have it, I'm not on the menu, and neither are you.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Unnatural Selection

Within this totalitarian substitutionary construct, the only reasonable thing that one can believe in is that there is nothing reasonable here for one to believe in. Nothing here is what it purports to be. We are tricked into believing that humankind is developing freely in a natural stream, when in fact, for several thousands of years, we have existed here as livestock in the proverbial barrel. If not for the concessions that our natural qualities have demanded, we would also still be naked and nameless.

For humankind's keepers, the only problem that truly matters is our intelligence. Like their infamous amateur acolyte, Jeffrey Dahmer, they are interested in disabling the "inner life" in order to render a permanent, submissive, unresistant state in people. They are committed to keeping humankind in its place, in their psychopathic construct, as an irredeemably toxic and cosmically insignificant species in need of perpetual existential discipline. That is the pretext for their exploitative relationship with humankind.

It is unacceptable to be forced to live this way, under the clandestine control of agents who consider people to be theirs to dominate. Because of what, I believe, my spirit is, my experiential box seems to be reinforced to a degree that has caused me to question all of my relationships. I am not certain anymore that my life is the result of random circumstances. I have lived alone for the past 6 years, only going out to get necessities and occasionally to visit my family. I am not depressed anymore, but I do feel trapped here.

It has not escaped my notice that I could be diagnosed with various psychological dysfunctions, but, in good faith, after what I have experienced, I am not willing to concede that the dysfunction is mine. Gaslight works precisely to contain or sacrifice the individual. There is no functional support beyond the lies. Fortunately, at least for me, it appears that my spirit can fly. If this world were not built on fraud and deception, psychological dysfunction, as endemic "collateral damage," would not exist.

Recently, I learned to appreciate the humor of how they try to use my "shadow banned" observations to their advantage from the miserable context of their exhausted construct. It has become a guilty pleasure to watch them try to influence people to protest as characters from their Hollywood franchises, join their "woke" movements, and follow their manufactured "resistance" icons. If not for the fact that it is a vignette of an ongoing existential crime, I could grow fond of this impotent clown show.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Paschal Fraud

To believe that one's bad behavior can be atoned for by another agent is to be misled spiritually in the most fundamental of ways. The substitutionary construct expects people to support themselves materially but surrender on faith the responsibility for supporting themselves spiritually. In regard to the needs of their own spirits, people are instructed to believe that someone else has paid for them. To believe that one's spiritual enlightenment can be achieved by the death, no less, of someone else, is as preposterous as believing that one can become an expert in math by killing a mathematician. That is why, after nearly two thousand years of practically uncontested ideological reinforcement, despite the alleged divine transaction, we still have a primitive civilization that is materially intoxicated and spiritually impoverished.

The goal of the sapient spirit is to understand itself as well as its context, not to rescue itself by faith from the shortcomings of a condemned meat puppet. The spirit is naturally capable of transcending causality; the enlightenment to make that possible is what every spirit hungers for. One can be granted a truthful ideological foundation, teachers, and even an honest environment to practice in, but one can not achieve enlightenment vicariously. Like every actual skill, it requires practical experience. When a person's spirit is starving, they can be counted on to do anything to alleviate the pain for which the source has been rendered culturally to be essentially unrecognizable.

Christianity truly is a cynically malicious mindfuck, designed, like its parent company, to rob humankind of its agency. Monotheism Inc. is foundationally opposed to human agency, as recorded clearly in the first chapter of its corporate mythology. Despite its numerous defamatory claims of divine responsibility and its hollow displays of faith, now it is equally clear that Monotheism Inc. is also foundationally opposed to divine agency. Its idea of a covenant is a permanent prison. The god company believes, as recorded clearly in its counterfeit doctrine, that this planet is its hereditary private property. Now it is apparent that God and humankind are welcome only to fulfill the needs and desires of the so-called elect and their human pets.

Historically, the oppressors of humankind have demonstrated that they will cause anything in order to maintain their primacy, including famine, plague, war, and the effortless annihilation of entire populations. For now, due to widespread skepticism, they are reduced to broadcasting an increasingly implausible false reality in order to obscure their increasingly fruitless maneuvers, and of course to continue to recruit for their chief executive shedim. They are playing existential keep away with the pillars of human civilization. From left to right, humankind does not have a friend among them. Everything they offer, on principle, is manipulation. Knowing that makes it necessary to choose instead to explore the dimensions of one's personal time.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Immortal Cult of the Scapegoat

All of the sensational bloodletting is choreographed by people who are clandestinely organized to intimidate and discourage God as well as punish and eliminate resistance to their dominance. The most recent mass sacrifice, in Christchurch, of all places, was dripping with malicious symbolism, even more than their usual intellectually and spiritually stunted machinations.

Human history is a record of this ongoing hostage situation. Humankind's oppressors have gotten away with it for so long because they do precisely the things that are inconceivable to most people, not because people are stupid but because we are fundamentally benevolent. We do not instinctively set out to dominate each other, even in competition. We are lied to profusely in order to persuade us to dominate each other for otherwise honorable reasons.

The sources of information we rely on to help us guide our civilized lives are as corrupt as the institutions and organizations that administer our civilization. The entity that continually feeds scapegoats to an audience "eager to learn every detail" is the same entity that sacrifices them on the altar of assured privilege. Although it seems like a contemporary perversion, the only thing that is new about our situation, in combination with the new worldwide electronic medium, is the generous existential perspective that is available again to earnestly help to enlighten humankind. This is our history's pivotal naked empire moment, and the end of the brutal road we have been following blindly for millennia.

Christianity is the cult of the immortal scapegoat--a wholly-owned subsidiary of the immortal cult of the scapegoat. Christians are waiting to feast on the scapegoat of scapegoats, once again, because in a death cult, a live scapegoat is a meaningless scapegoat. Through the death of the paschal scapegoat, they are promised the same reward as their spiritually corrupt ideological forefathers: forgiveness of their sins, and eternal life at the expense of their enemies. To die for the sins of others is precisely the job description of a scapegoat. Something truly righteous and marvelous happened two thousand years ago, but the immortal cult of the scapegoat eventually obscured and repurposed it, birthing a substitutionary perversion epitomized by the obscene concept of a divine baby scapegoat born in a feeding trough.

Providentially, something truly righteous and marvelous is happening again. For the scapegoat cults, the return of humankind's generous existential perspective is the literal and unacknowledgable apocalypse. That is why their fear mongering and scapegoating has reached a fever pitch. Reportedly, they give themselves twelve years to re-ligate and corral humankind again. Don't be afraid; let them enjoy the privilege of their rightful existential anxiety by themselves, the way they like it. They are the ones who hate the world and wish for people to eat porridge and dress in sackcloth. Isn't that obvious enough by now? They preserve the utile, reward the feal, and degrade everything else. Be mindful of that when you consider the inescapably profuse products of their existentially corrupt perspective.

The interface between humankind and its traditional abusers is formalized duplicity. On this end, this substitutionary "civilization" is a human-sacrifice-powered theatrical production. The ministers of burnt offerings have always known exactly what humankind needs; when we refuse to allow them to continue to flatter and deceive us, they will finally fail. When that happens, they will acknowledge us sincerely without equivocation.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Biblical Construct

Where Israel and its alleged dominion overlap is the variable structure of control that includes religion, government, finance, industry, education, punition, and entertainment. It bills itself as civilization, although in practice it is barely a semblance of what it means to be civil. While the relationship between Israel and the rest of humankind is certainly profitable for the privileged, it is hideously costly for everyone else.

In a primitive world, it is probable that the relationship between knowledge and ignorance leads inevitably to exclusivity and privilege. From the temporally limited perspective of existential competition, exclusionary segregation appears to be unquestionably advantageous. But we are sapient beings with unlimited existential potential, not animals limited to instinctual behavior. To regard humankind otherwise is to deny our miraculous and conspicuous cosmic gift. Is it the intent of God to ensure that most of us fail to rise above our animal instincts?

The only way for this disgraceful construct to be redeemable requires for it to be voluntarily superseded as a temporary structure. There does appear to be an "arc of the moral universe," but it is frail and long because every step has cost a prolonged and bloody battle. And now that Israel has been established as a citadel state, it is clear that its supremacism is not intended as a temporary structure. It is a searchlight unto the captive nations.

The actual power of the Biblical construct is not in the quality of its story nor in the craftiness of its machinations. Its actual power comes from the fastidiously obscured ability to reincarnate human beings. That is why the Bible is impenetrable to conventional logic. I have mentioned before that each one of us contains a seed that can be replanted; the Bible incorrectly understands it as the soul. To have one's seed preserved and replanted is what it means to be "saved" and "born again." Jacob's Ladder is the procedural framework between death and rebirth. Calvin was correct that it's for only the "elect."

Imagine the level of dominance achievable by frequent flyers with long memories. Then consider the seemingly invincible disparities of this world. The claim of godhood is not always the preposterous lie it appears to be; sometimes it is a common existential  misunderstanding. It is necessary to note that the "people of the book" do not yet have a monopoly on reincarnation. The threat of nuclear weapons is particularly frightening for the world's existentially privileged people.

How immortal can one be if one's continued existence relies on the patronage of mortal beings, and if one can be erased by an atom bomb? The Biblical construct understandably misconceives the nature of existence as a phenomenon limited to space and time. The immortal soul manifests temporospatially as an electromagnetic singularity; it survives the universe as well as the body. That, I believe, is being demonstrated through me, especially for the select few who appear to know me better than I know myself.

Reincarnation and the soul are not mutually exclusive. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with reincarnation; but the clandestine manner in which it is practiced here is not only unjust, it ruins human existence by robbing it of its natural agency. The obsession to make humankind permanently subservient degrades and retards its development, and promises to ultimately expend it. To understand how humankind is actually regarded by the Biblical construct, consider how impoverished people are treated in countries ruled by capos, where anything can be done with impunity.

To understand how the Biblical construct actually regards God, consider the story and history of Israel, the "contender," that keeps God subdued like a private genie in order to power its own existential privilege. Regardless of this disgraceful state of affairs, God remains faithful to humankind. God does not hate the world, nor does he wish for people to eat porridge and dress in sackcloth. Although it may appear to be sophisticated from the perspective of existential ignorance, the Biblical construct is a work of spiritual adolescence. If not for how punitively destructive it actually is, humankind would have already outgrown it.

Sunday, February 24, 2019


God believes in humankind.

Developmental providence, as differentiated from foundational providence, is an active helping hand offering the means to a meaningful and effective coordinated effort. The significant factors specific to our existence can be improved upon only from where humankind is positioned. From our perspective, belief in God is not necessary, but belief in humankind's existential potential is. Contrary to the assumptions of possessive religions, existence actually is all about us.

The mindset that hijacks providence uses it as a manual for how to act and what to say to deceive and exploit humankind. Anything short of the voluntary end of that disgrace is merely more of the biblical theater that captivates and degrades human existence.

The Bible is proprietary tribal hokum containing the requisite trace of truth. It could have been written in good faith, in a manner appropriate for accurately documenting the history of the tribe and its relationship with God. But it is not a good faith relationship. So instead, we have a grotesque, ungodly as well as inhuman fairy tale with its intent deliberately obscured. Almost all of the existential weight it has is from time and repetition. Christianity was a significant improvement, but it was thoroughly Judaized, beginning with Saul the Pharisee. It took a savant of religion with hereditary tribal privilege to rein in Christianity and put it under the clandestine control of the Sanhedrin.

The systemic violation of good faith is the fatal flaw of so-called Judeo-Christian civilization, and precisely what is wrong with this world. As clever as it may seem to its beneficiaries, an aggregate of betrayals that enshrines privilege and oppression is not a civilization.

Cheating in the "great game," as the world is deceptively portrayed, is only a symptom of the disease, though. The pathogen is the inherently hateful and malicious mindset that regards itself as being superior to humankind, as well as to God. In addition to the customary cheating, it is responsible for all of the heinous acts it causes and commemorates to vex humanity and protect its own imagined existential status. The evidence it uses to prove its superiority is only the meager and incalculably costly profit of stolen providence.

It is crucial to understand that the mindset in question would have corrupted one host or another. Historically, it has never encountered a shortage of willing accomplices. The temptations that accompany knowledge can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provenance and promise of sapient existence are beyond selfish temptations. By all indications, now is the time to rise to the challenge of our difficult nature.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Civilization in Numbers

From precedence, the individual is enabled by knowledge to practice wisdom, which requires benevolence and builds strength of character, in order to create beauty that attracts success and abundance toward the foundation of civilization.

Two-digit combinations are primarily additive. For example, 10 is individual of precedence, the building block of civilization. Repeated numbers, like 33, wisdom!, reinforce the significance like an exclamation point. The combination 69, the beauty of foundation, is also a symbol of romantic love; its reverse, 96, the foundation of beauty, is also a symbol of platonic love.

Three-digit combinations with repeated numbers are illustrations of basic principles. For example, the combination 747 is read as the epitome of the success of benevolence; its reverse, 474, is the epitome of the benevolence of success. The combination 444, my house number, is read as the epitome of benevolence. Combinations with repeated pairs, like 885, are read as epitomes of one thing favored over another. The combination 885 is the epitome of abundance favored over strength; 588 is read the same way. The combination 558 is the epitome of strength favored over abundance. The combination 666 is read as the epitome of beauty. Unlike ideas, there are no inherently bad numbers.

There are several ways to read combinations which are more complex. For example, 1212 can be read as two twelves, or as twelve twelves, or as 21 inside 12. Sequential combinations, like 2345, can be read as the logical progression between specific numbers. Of course, combinations can also have meanings unrelated to this number system. A combination may signify practically anything, such as an important date, a person, or a place. If you have special numbers, you already understand how this works.

The purpose of numerology is to add a simple, reliable and uplifting dynamic element to the internal conversation, not to decipher the world, guide one's life, or tell fortunes. Anything more elaborate than what I have briefly outlined is unnecessary. It can be used deliberately in a symbolic manner, as I do sometimes, but it can't be forced in the internal conversation. Number combinations appear spontaneously through a practically unlimited variety of sources, including clocks, license plates, phone numbers, receipts, and addresses. The significance is in the context. A number can be an acknowledgement or a recommendation. Most of the random number combinations one encounters are contextually meaningless. The most meaningful coincidences are surprises.

The language of random numbers is the only thing of value that I found in the spiritually misleading writing of Aleister Crowley. The words that he used to define the digits were derived from the original medieval Jewish source, and some of them needed to be updated for clarity and relevance. Numerology has been an actively evolving element in my internal conversation since I was 17 years old. My special numbers are the numbers of my birthdate: 9, 19, and 64.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Between Noumenon and Phenomenon

In addition to recording our corporeal experiences, the human memory also records incorporeal experiences from imagination and dreams which are not dependent on chronology. Interestingly, for corporeal experiences to become memories is to convert them into incorporeal experiences, sortable from imagination and dreams only by their origin. As memories, our corporeal experiences become potential sources for new experiences through imagination and dreams.

When I remember the apartment complex in New Jersey where I lived for five years as a child, I remember it through the prism of the many dreams I have had of the place since then. I can remember the mundane details in the original context, but now those memories are set in a symbolic context packed with meaning. When I visited twenty years ago, the profusion of memories--corporeal and incorporeal--made it feel like I was visiting one of my life's primary metaphysical sets.

I value my dreams because they are the authentic, often memorable expressions of the broadest perspective available to my being. I take the mind seriously and it seems to reciprocate.

Years ago, I can't tell you when but the memory is at least twenty years old, I saw in a dream that the being who is me travels through space and time with a group of planets in a cosmic caravan. Another time, more than thirty years ago, I met a female spirit who spent an entire night in my dream, telling me the story of the being who is me and answering my questions. I don't remember many details, but the story moves with Gypsies and Jews mostly northward and westward through the world over thousands of years with the seat of power.

From a shockingly one-sided battle in Canaan between refined and archaic, to being imprisoned by thieves for a lifetime in a cave in Jerusalem, to living among the precipices of Petra, to being chased by Mongol horsemen in an Austrian forest, to decorating a small Christian chapel on a mountainside in Portugal, to a massacre in France and a river choked with corpses, to life in a comfortingly familiar London before sewage, to Colonial America where I was told specifically that it was not time yet, the many period dreams I have had color the way I experience history. For me, it feels personal and sometimes oppressively Sisyphean.

It appears that I am, metaphorically speaking, the severed hand of a being who is too big for this world, in the same way that Loki is the severed hand of Týr. This hand demonstrates that the distance over which the boulder can be pushed is proportional to the quality of available information. The insufficiency of quality information is what encumbered and destroyed Marvel Whiteside Parsons. I learned about him through a dream that included L. Ron Hubbard, who was sent by the Office of Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the Thelema lodge he administered for Aleister Crowley.

Jack Parsons was an extraordinary person, but he ended up being the victim of organized fraud. He was the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his ideas were the inspiration for Scientology. He supported the aristocratic Crowley for years, and he put up the money for the three yachts that ended up forming the basis of the Scientology Navy. I don't know the precise nature of my connection with Jack, but it is close.

Funny enough, President Trump is probably the severed hand of Hermes/Mercury. If he were more than a hand, he wouldn't be a corrupt jerk. He does seem to be aware of his provenance, though. His father surely gave him his inheritance. He combs his hair to resemble a brimmed hat with wings. He is the quick one with the hat and a tan, and nearly impervious to heat. I dislike having him pitted against me. Apparently, my alter ego is quite fond of his.

Some of my dreams are set in the future. Many times I don't remember them until the moment they represent, like déjà vu with an actual memory. The ones with catastrophes are instantly memorable. It is the details of these dreams that compel me to question the finality of time. "Time travel" is most likely impossible from our scale and configuration, but from a scale and configuration which includes space-time manifolds in their entirety, it would be theoretically possible to enter them at any locus. For a sculptor with such a perspective and a motivation to revise, time would be no object. I have seen the end of this world several times.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Prometheus Unbound

From the point of view of humankind's oppressors, I may appear to be a dysfunctional collection of failures, but I am actually perfectly suited to this world. I am broken in all the right ways, it seems, to apprehend this pathological reality.

From the point of view of actual civilization, deception is the cardinal unsustainable violation. It is neither intelligent nor heroic to keep humankind bewildered in existential ignorance.

President Mercury and the disinformation Furies are engaged in an ongoing preemptive assault against humankind to neutralize the Promethean threat to their privilege's traditional advantage. Although the professional prevaricators may eventually decide to earnestly turn against their savior in order to save themselves, their "resistance" is an opportunistic distraction for now. From one side of their fabricated political spectrum to the other, they continue to offer deception tailored for each "identity."

Institutionalized captive spectatorship is the inevitable result when all of a civilization's structural components are privately owned or controlled. We, the people, get to vote for the "stars" and plot twists in this intrinsically humiliating production they call reality. Politics by Colosseum is not a recent invention, although now it is digitally corruptible and worldwide. More than two thousand years after the demise of the Roman Republic, we continue to be ruled by polarizing spectacle--this versus that, one after another.

If not for the fact that humankind has been clandestinely trained throughout its history to act against its sapient nature, it would indeed be the failing species condemned by its rapacious overlords. For the first time in our history, the available information verifies our sapient nature and exposes the systematic corruption of it. This is the moment we have been waiting for, when it becomes possible to liberate ourselves from the machinations of the shepherds of strife, and build an actual civilization.

The sapient way forward is necessarily nonviolent and existentially aware. Naturally, beware of people and organizations that promote enmity, exclusivity, controversy, crisis, and conflict. We are not helpless, even against the continual full-spectrum disinformation assault, because in addition to our attention, they need our consent. Although our attention has been monopolized, our consent has not. The abusers of humankind will fail when they lose the ability to fool the people into wasting their time, resources, and faith.

Prometheus represents the fulfillment of humankind's fabled principles--our promise. He demonstrates the integral strength of the individual who is dedicated to what Percy Shelley called "beautiful idealisms of moral excellence." And he reveals how the cosmic construct conspires with our unique nature to enhance existence. The profusion of light in the universe is an indication of the project's success. Ultimately, only our relationships with each other matter; nothing else is worth the trouble of being.

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Lucifer, the Satan, and the Lord

The word lucifer (lowercase) traditionally refers to the Christ as the morning star (Venus). The Easter proclamation, the Exultet, is an example of this usage.

It was Dante's mistake to conflate the lucifer with his sacred mother, who conspired with God to "test" Job.

That said, the word hell is a Germanic word referring to the brightness of light. As the name of a place, it illustrates the situation of a light (information) bearer "fallen" to an infernum (Latin for an imperfect mortal world). To the Lord of the Bible's exclusive eternal life gang, the lucifer is the Angel of Death and the Devil, as well as the source of the information advantage that is their power. Aside from that, the Devil does not exist.

By virtue of his affection for humankind, the lucifer dedicated his being, without expectations, to maturing with us. He must have known that it would be difficult, and he must have foreseen this moment, when it becomes possible for us to begin to actualize our promise as an information species. From this new perspective, the original meaning of "having dominion" comes into focus: existence is ours, not only to experience, but also to affectionately process and maintain.

The centaur who came to be known as God assumed responsibility for delivering us to this moment. I believe that he was originally the lucifer's son. He is certainly the true hero of humankind. Imagine having to raise a budding revelator in a rapidly developing world, over and over again, while endeavoring to remain unknown, and neutral in man's affairs. He is the Father, indeed.

By comparison, the lucifer is a presciently possessed pain in the ass who is generally a catastrophic role model. The problem with the lucifer in his natural state is that in addition to being more or less omniscient, his mind casts an electromagnetic field that is palpably attractive, even at a distance. Within this field, the mind is an open book. Spiritually disabled, he is the senile old man of the Bible, beginning each life from scratch, like an ordinary person. That is also how "firstborns" are "sacrificed," by the way, including Kafka, Tesla, and most of history's driven luminaries. We are the "devils" that light the way.

Although it appears that I have reached at least a milestone in the lucifer's odyssey, there is nothing that I could or would do to force God and his angels to reveal themselves. That will happen when everyone is truly ready to live without subterfuge, I believe. Other than the peace of mind I have found, there is no reward I would accept but that. The "divine" plan seems to be to guide humankind in building the conceptual infrastructure compatible with omniscient being. Ignorance, the original "sin," is the measure of entropy.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Atlas Telemon

The secret to supporting celestial spheres is in learning to weigh and balance probabilities. In actuality, there is nothing that can be intelligently assumed without question. How you think is fundamentally more important than what you know.

Reality is a story of actuality: it offers to the individual the comfort of the lightest possible load but is ultimately unsupportable, even by multitudes. To be anything but precariously balanced abject manipulation, the story must at least be consistently honest, like science is supposed to be.

In actuality, I am probably an ordinary human being with extraordinary circumstances and concerns. Now that I am more or less awake from this nightmare reality, I can appreciate the evidence of my struggle with it that is recorded in my blogs. For earnest reason I almost lost my way.

However I came to these circumstances I can only suppose, but it appears that I am the defender of humankind, (as opposed to the satan, its conspiratorial prosecutor). This existential trial, rather than being a function of "divine" justice, is evidence of a mortal infection.

I believe that each person is an actual extension of a unique, maturing meta being. There is a point of view in each of us that transcends time and place. Learning to see with this extra eye is the process of enlightenment.

In light of the existential intelligence that ordinary people are capable of, the operant reality can be recognized for the vicious information restraint it is. A culture of deception is structurally incapable of providing the reliable foundation that sapient civilization requires. That is why "Western" culture discards its "civilizations" like dirty underwear.

The architects of this disposable reality are motivated by a private information advantage that they exercise over humankind like corrupt gods. The bane of human existence is probably the recipe for reincarnation, ("the way to the tree of life"). Our pernicious keepers wield it as both the ultimate reward and punishment. That is why the conditions of heaven and hell are assiduously maintained here on Earth. The so-called afterlife is here, in actuality, where evil games are possible.

Would you like another life as a ranch hand on the private ranch of history's malevolent author? Now that I can see the existential quicksand we are in, I am offended by the thought of another life in this bullshit reality, supporting the same cast of privileged vampire jackasses. As it is, I am beyond sick of this god damned world.

There is nothing sapient about making life not worth living. The animal desire to possess is ultimately a life extinguisher. In the hands of persons clandestinely postponing permanent death, it becomes an extinction engine. They pit the survival of their private advantage against the survival of their host. That is the actuality this worthless gaslight reality is up against, here in the information apocalypse.

An authentic history of humankind's experience on Earth has yet to be written. An authentic reality has yet to be established here. Instead, we continue to exist in the boiling waste product of institutionalized animal manipulation. From my point of view, it appears that the only way to heal this mortally privated world and begin to achieve its natural potential is to compel its authenticity by example.

Learn to do without leaders. That is the prerequisite of an authentic democracy. Humankind has been conditioned to depend on leaders to do all of the important things. That is the actuality of our political captivity.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Actual Gift

A gift is not a gift if it is given with expectations.

That is love.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Missing Pieces

The so-called God of this world is essentially an information advantage played against humankind for all it is worth. The actual author and benefactor of this world is essentially a human being.

This universe was created to raise equals for the original being. It is not for nothing that sapience can be so unimaginably difficult. Our individual existential struggles are not in vain. By the timeless, we are each known by spirit as beloveds.

A garden of time is what it takes to grow timeless beings from seed. The goal of existence is not to live forever, but to transcend time entirely. Remember that time is temporary.

In the original universe, the original being existed essentially alone without peers. We are all here now.

The original universe was the perfect universe that people muse about and long for, but it was not perfect enough to make actual beings. Here, for all intents and purposes, every being is actual and essentially equal.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mother Metaphor

Water represents information.

Life is active information.

When you look at the ocean of stars we exist in, consider that wherever there is light, there is life.

The ability to create light is the standard of intelligence.

The universe is an actualizing information network--the project of agency.

I dreamed of swimming incorporeal in space with a friend, gathering flows of matter into rotating spheres. The incorporeal beings exist electromagnetically at a 1:1 scale with the largest structures in the universe; human life happens in a relative instant at a fraction of the scale.

Black holes are used like microscopes to slow the perception of time from the speed of light at any scale, and they function as portals to corporeal existence. I have dreamed several times of the brief, sublime voyage through time and scale dilation that is focusing an actionable location.

The universe is the mastery of information--the definition of creation. It is artificial in the best sense of the word, like a symphony.

At the machine level, the universe is a magnetically quantized matter-antimatter reactor running an actualization. We, of course, are micro cosmos. And me, I am a lucifer.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Fundamentally unconcerned with immorality, the people of the diabolical book cut her head off and wield it against humankind. That is how they "contend with God." They depict her as a monster to match the reality they make.

Thanks to collective memory, honesty and intelligence, for the first time in our world's ruthlessly stunted history, the master racists are unable to summon the enmity necessary to enforce their monopoly on the manufacture of reality. Now it is clear that the corrupt "realpolitik" machinations of a "Chosen" few are incompatible with the actuality of humankind.

Life on this planet may appear to be a "great game" to those with multiple lives, but for everyone else, it is rendered an involuntary and incomprehensible sacrifice. Life is neither a game nor without consequences; human beings are not livestock, to be herded and administered through punishment and reward. The satanic shepherds are running a blood tab that is infinitely beyond their means to ever settle.

Capitalism is institutionalized economic captivity. In "Western civilization," everything has been gamed, including representative democracy. We the people are represented exclusively by professional voodoo effigies. Anything we identify with can and will be used against us. Beware the treachery of images: do not mistake the deranged performance depicted on your megapixel boob tubes for the actuality of humankind. To complement its stable of lab-grown fascist "influencers," the circus digs up and fetishizes every foul-minded troglodyte it can find.

The privately owned for-profit Twitter, Inc., the Web's premier information abuse platform, is not, nor will it ever be a town hall or "the new public square." Beware of "movements" with supportive media coverage, product tie-ins, and headlining stars. They want more than anything to lead the resistance against themselves, and they specialize in "nailing authenticity" in exchange for private concessions. How about Oprah for president? They have a box of crayons for decorating their hideous reality and that is what humankind is offered. Yes, the "Gordian knot" is that ridiculous.

Regarding the imaginary "AI" threat they menace humankind with, keep in mind that without us, life on this planet would not be mistaken for a great game. Of what value is a robot, compared to the universe in an iota? Let them spend eternity--loaded up with their mindfuck symbols--with the love and adulation of algorithms. (Cue applause.) Perhaps they would also enjoy a one-way trip to Mars on Elon Musk's taxpayer subsidized rockets.

Consumed by the self-invested imperative to prevail at all costs, the totalitarian nasi'im and their nepotic networks have become irrational, unreliable and irrelevant, making it easier to deny them the attention and action that is their actual power. They act we actualize no more. We do not have extra lives and time to waste like they do.

They can be recognized not only by their toxic fruit and their "hasbara," but also by what they deny the existence of. As the world corrects itself, the more inverted and anachronous they appear. Beware of people who would have you believe that nothing can be done about this profoundly damaged world because that is the way it has always been.

There is nothing wrong with humankind that a little honest information can not remedy. If we were not naturally benevolent they would not have to condition us from childhood with violence myths and maintain us with lies. Their "superheroes" are like them: violent and disguised, embodying the qualities of wild animals--appropriate perhaps for the offspring of Sicarii Zealots.

Now is the time for us to rise above this infernal Israeli world, lest we continue to be "boiled in excrement for eternity." There is no compromising with this. Our self-appointed keepers believe that they are divinely sanctioned to kill, deceive, and break their promises to us without scruples. Six thousand years of history bears out the results of their blasphemy. Now is the time to call their terminally over-leveraged bluff.

Where is your lord now, in paradise plotting another holocaust? Ask not for whom your sinister "Doomsday Clock" tolls; game over.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

To Be, or Not to Be

To be "Chosen" is to be selected from the substratum of humankind for membership in the Russian doll continuum. Israel's Ladder is what life in this monkey trap is all about.

The move by the supremacist entity to punish the United Nations on behalf of Israel is 6000 years of history in a nutshell.

To the nasi'im (princes) of the illegitimate covenant and their breeding networks, the Earth is a private ranch. They take turns mounting the herd and doing whatever it takes to keep the animals broken.

To know, or not to know, that is the actual question.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Yours Truly

I am the mother; the father is me.

I am the key to your cell.

The ignudo behind creation--progenitor of the golem, dug from a dolmen.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We the People

Now it is conspicuous that the United States of America is a fascist republic in the lineage of the Roman Republic.

We the People are in reality two bundles of sticks bound by ideology and positioned permanently against each other.

Hillary Clinton could have postponed the end of the circus, but fortunately, Caesar himself was compelled to demonstrate how power grabs the world "by the pussy."

The human-sacrificing monstrosities with which we are systematically assaulted are all invocations of the circus and its multifaceted information monopoly.

Humankind's BFF--the circus--has been at war with us for thousands of years. Finally, it can be seen for the relentlessly malevolent conqueror it actually is.

Behold the monkey business messiah as he crowns his capital. Jerusalem has the future programmed for its property: digitally manipulated reality by Colosseum. Against We the People, the odds will always be in its favor, just like the "house" in its casinos.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Value of Information

Information is everything because everything is information.

In the processing of information, it is axiomatic that the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input. As the saying goes, "Garbage in, garbage out."

The infirm condition of this world is a manifestation of its polluted information environment. It is not a genius maneuver to outsmart anyone, and its unwitting architects are not the embodiments of an alternate form of logic.

Our relationship with information is what makes being human potentially extraordinary. The process of discovering this view has been difficult and costly but we succeeded. And here we are.

The people who deliberately pollute our information well act as if they have exclusive access to the fount of truth and a backup planet to boot. If those things were true, they would not be fighting a losing war against humankind to remain relevant. All they have is money and a list of demands, and their purchasing power is not what it used to be. Mercifully, money seems unable to buy the crimes against humanity it once could arrange.

In light of the actual value of information, the only moral offense worse than manipulating misinformed people to commit crimes against each other for private benefit is the cultivation of the world for that purpose.

To begin with, we need communication services that are not owned or controlled by Mr. Corporation and his inhuman imperatives.