Sunday, March 31, 2019

Unnatural Selection

Within this totalitarian substitutionary construct, the only reasonable thing that one can believe in is that there is nothing reasonable here for one to believe in. Nothing here is what it purports to be. We are tricked into believing that humankind is developing freely in a natural stream, when in fact, for several thousands of years, we have existed here as livestock in the proverbial barrel. If not for the concessions that our natural qualities have demanded, we would also still be naked and nameless.

For humankind's keepers, the only problem that truly matters is our intelligence. Like their infamous amateur acolyte, Jeffrey Dahmer, they are interested in disabling the "inner life" in order to render a permanent, submissive, unresistant state in people. They are committed to keeping humankind in its place, in their psychopathic construct, as an irredeemably toxic and cosmically insignificant species in need of perpetual existential discipline. That is the pretext for their exploitative relationship with humankind.

It is unacceptable to be forced to live this way, under the clandestine control of agents who consider people to be theirs to dominate. Because of what, I believe, my spirit is, my experiential box seems to be reinforced to a degree that has caused me to question all of my relationships. I am not certain anymore that my life is the result of random circumstances. I have lived alone for the past 6 years, only going out to get necessities and occasionally to visit my family. I am not depressed anymore, but I do feel trapped here.

It has not escaped my notice that I could be diagnosed with various psychological dysfunctions, but, in good faith, after what I have experienced, I am not willing to concede that the dysfunction is mine. Gaslight works precisely to contain or sacrifice the individual. There is no functional support beyond the lies. Fortunately, at least for me, it appears that my spirit can fly. If this world were not built on fraud and deception, psychological dysfunction, as endemic "collateral damage," would not exist.

Recently, I learned to appreciate the humor of how they try to use my "shadow banned" observations to their advantage from the miserable context of their exhausted construct. It has become a guilty pleasure to watch them try to influence people to protest as characters from their Hollywood franchises, join their "woke" movements, and follow their manufactured "resistance" icons. If not for the fact that it is a vignette of an ongoing existential crime, I could grow fond of this impotent clown show.

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