Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Paschal Fraud

To believe that one's bad behavior can be atoned for by another agent is to be misled spiritually in the most fundamental of ways. The substitutionary construct expects people to support themselves materially but surrender on faith the responsibility for supporting themselves spiritually. In regard to the needs of their own spirits, people are instructed to believe that someone else has paid for them. To believe that one's spiritual enlightenment can be achieved by the death, no less, of someone else, is as preposterous as believing that one can become an expert in math by killing a mathematician. That is why, after nearly two thousand years of practically uncontested ideological reinforcement, despite the alleged divine transaction, we still have a primitive civilization that is materially intoxicated and spiritually impoverished.

The goal of the sapient spirit is to understand itself as well as its context, not to rescue itself by faith from the shortcomings of a condemned meat puppet. The spirit is naturally capable of transcending causality; the enlightenment to make that possible is what every spirit hungers for. One can be granted a truthful ideological foundation, teachers, and even an honest environment to practice in, but one can not achieve enlightenment vicariously. Like every actual skill, it requires practical experience. When a person's spirit is starving, they can be counted on to do anything to alleviate the pain for which the source has been rendered culturally to be essentially unrecognizable.

Christianity truly is a cynically malicious mindfuck, designed, like its parent company, to rob humankind of its agency. Monotheism Inc. is foundationally opposed to human agency, as recorded clearly in the first chapter of its corporate mythology. Despite its numerous defamatory claims of divine responsibility and its hollow displays of faith, now it is equally clear that Monotheism Inc. is also foundationally opposed to divine agency. Its idea of a covenant is a permanent prison. The god company believes, as recorded clearly in its counterfeit doctrine, that this planet is its hereditary private property. Now it is apparent that God and humankind are welcome only to fulfill the needs and desires of the so-called elect and their human pets.

Historically, the oppressors of humankind have demonstrated that they will cause anything in order to maintain their primacy, including famine, plague, war, and the effortless annihilation of entire populations. For now, due to widespread skepticism, they are reduced to broadcasting an increasingly implausible false reality in order to obscure their increasingly fruitless maneuvers, and of course to continue to recruit for their chief executive shedim. They are playing existential keep away with the pillars of human civilization. From left to right, humankind does not have a friend among them. Everything they offer, on principle, is manipulation. Knowing that makes it necessary to choose instead to explore the dimensions of one's personal time.

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