Sunday, February 24, 2019


God believes in humankind.

Developmental providence, as differentiated from foundational providence, is an active helping hand offering the means to a meaningful and effective coordinated effort. The significant factors specific to our existence can be improved upon only from where humankind is positioned. From our perspective, belief in God is not necessary, but belief in humankind's existential potential is. Contrary to the assumptions of possessive religions, existence actually is all about us.

The mindset that hijacks providence uses it as a manual for how to act and what to say to deceive and exploit humankind. Anything short of the voluntary end of that disgrace is merely more of the biblical theater that captivates and degrades human existence.

The Bible is proprietary tribal hokum containing the requisite trace of truth. It could have been written in good faith, in a manner appropriate for accurately documenting the history of the tribe and its relationship with God. But it is not a good faith relationship. So instead, we have a grotesque, ungodly as well as inhuman fairy tale with its intent deliberately obscured. Almost all of the existential weight it has is from time and repetition. Christianity was a significant improvement, but it was thoroughly Judaized, beginning with Saul the Pharisee. It took a savant of religion with hereditary tribal privilege to rein in Christianity and put it under the clandestine control of the Sanhedrin.

The systemic violation of good faith is the fatal flaw of so-called Judeo-Christian civilization, and precisely what is wrong with this world. As clever as it may seem to its beneficiaries, an aggregate of betrayals that enshrines privilege and oppression is not a civilization.

Cheating in the "great game," as the world is deceptively portrayed, is only a symptom of the disease, though. The pathogen is the inherently hateful and malicious mindset that regards itself as being superior to humankind, as well as to God. In addition to the customary cheating, it is responsible for all of the heinous acts it causes and commemorates to vex humanity and protect its own imagined existential status. The evidence it uses to prove its superiority is only the meager and incalculably costly profit of stolen providence.

It is crucial to understand that the mindset in question would have corrupted one host or another. Historically, it has never encountered a shortage of willing accomplices. The temptations that accompany knowledge can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provenance and promise of sapient existence are beyond selfish temptations. By all indications, now is the time to rise to the challenge of our difficult nature.

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