Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Bottom Line

The Donkey Kong administration uses the framework of civilization as a citadel. It offers only information captivity.

For those of us not in on the game, resistance is simply avoiding being turned against each other. Free people do not eat scapegoat.

Reality, properly understood as royality, is the production of actuality acted by peacocks for turkeys. Such is the occupation through division served by the Great Game's Fourth Estate.

In actuality, the only controversy is between captive and captor. Without people to do his dirty work, Donkey Kong is a sad little prince. "Cue cousin Kim Kong and his hydrogen bomb."

Without the hegemony of a confidence game that counts on human beings to act like wild animals, humankind has an opportunity to flourish like never before.

We are one conversation away from a free world. Donkey Kong Inc. is not going to arrange it for us.

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