Saturday, November 12, 2016

@tlas Existence Engine

Earth is essentially a state of the art meta-computer. It is made to last practically forever if operated with love and wisdom; it will self-destruct if hacked to serve as a gravy train.

Like a desktop computer, Earth's functionality depends on the integrity of its hardware and software. The planet does not depend on the interplay between good and evil; its operating system does not depend on survival of the fittest competition with itself.

Earth is a platform to enable individual creation and information. When it functions according to specifications, life lasts as long as the sol is hungry; at this scale, the will to live is always satisfied by 1,000 years. Reincarnation is a backup measure in case of accidental death.

Like the rules of the road in a driver's manual, the specifications of individual conduct are common sense. Individual accountability is the essence of the way.

Earth was created to be hosted by the Metatron family of actuality processors, of which we are all members. When it meets specifications, our world will be the most attractive destination in this scale.

Existence is the actuality of intelligence: one and nothing becoming everything.

In computer terms, life can be visualized as a self-determining variable-vector fractal spline containing the actuality process; the integrity of the information it records is incorruptible. In the dark is the past and the future.

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