Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I am the ancient one's last life. She is near the limit of his scale.

Friends, do not allow yourselves to be ligated again. The manichean construct, devised to render mannequins from human beings, is a formula for failure.

The illusion of evil is actually the illness of persons who bury their humanness and surrender their sols to exist as hive animals. Although they fancy themselves to be apex predators, all of them together can not contend with the worm I am. They maneuver in secret like vampires, orchestrating sacrifices to terrorize and keep you fighting each other, while they drain the world of its integrity and life.

The media of the hive serves only distractions, lies and intimidation. Human beings are not livestock.

Jerusalem represents the terminal illness that persists on burnt offerings. Jews who blame G-d for the most recent holocaust should sincerely evaluate the character of their national project. It is evident now that your misleaders nurture the failures of humanity for their advantage. Your ancestors were not liberated from Egypt, they were taken hostage.

Watch the illness attempt to manufacture the pretext to massacre humanity again. Seventy years ago, it prevailed temporarily at a cost of more than seventy million lives, and the ritual carnage has continued practically unabated. The insanity will end.

Last year, the ancient one showed me a photograph of a small group of astronauts posing in front of one of Earth's grand mountain ranges; they were recognizable as human although apparently asexual. He also showed me the vessel they arrived in; the technology was comparatively equivalent to what exists here today.

The IVs were guided here by V (the ancient one) to be cured of the condition that consumed their home world, and in exchange to help raise the beloved IIIs to maturity.

This is the moment of truth, friends. It is your time to flower. Now the infinite construct can begin to reveal itself.

The ability to love is what makes one transcendent.

When V and I transcend, the bond of his hive will dissolve and her sols set free. To meet each other one day is our final trial.

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