Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Celestial Spheres

From the point of view of our emerging sapiens family, the development we know as the solar system appears to be the result of a spontaneous natural process that builds the universe.

Our existence is as willful as we are. Our tree of life, its light source, and the material stores and vessels we know as planets are products of intelligence.

In addition to being a mobile self-contained biosystem, Jupiter is a planet workshop.

The man known as Adam, the first gardener of our tree of life, was the first human avatar of the being known as God. He was created with the capacity to live practically forever, through multiple lifetimes. He controlled his destiny for almost 1000 years.

The continuity was broken with Noah, who named him Ham and raised him in isolation, deprived of the knowledge of his identity and ability to regenerate. Five thousand years later, after a multitude of lifetimes, YHWH continues to walk the earth.

Every celestial destination is constructed around a gate. One day soon, we will turn our lights on and open our gate.

Created twenty years ago on a Korg X3, most of these sequences were intended to be the backing tracks for vocals and other analog instruments.

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